The Trumpet Sounds - Wake Up!

Prophecy given to JoAnn Glasco

Jo Ann has been very ill having suffered both a stroke and parasites in one eye which have left that eye blind. Please pray for her. In these prophetically inspired prose, you will find much to pray on as we both wait for the Lord's return.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Captured by Nebuchadnezzar
Loved their God with all of their heart
When it was time for their faith to be tried
They feared the Lord so much that they went into the furnace to be fried
To your life the rest of this story should be applied

The fear of God is a weighty subject
The Hebrews and Gentiles both have problems comprehending
That this is not the time to be gambling and spending
We are living in a time when we are about to experience some wrath
It is said it is a terrible time to be in an angry God's path

The Bible says that "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom"
If all men understood the personality of God and His ways
They would depart from frivolity and complacency in these last days
Playing church and sitting in the pews is not His plan for your land
He desires for you to possess it, but not dig in, make a crop and stand

The time and call for the laborers to come into the harvest
Is coming loud and strong from a heavenly trumpet
This piercing sound says "come, come to the fields"
seems to be the hardest to gather the crops that were sown by so many
TV, Gospel music, radio, and big churches on the corner
Have sown and watered a wealth of seed in God's gardens and fields

Christian brothers and sisters, the Master has a great call
Get on your face and close the door to your closet and fall to your knees
The Father God has a word for His children all
Humble yourselves and turn off modern living -- Please!

Have you not read the daily newspaper?
Have you not seen the political magazines?
While you have been glued to the tube and internet
Souls are dying, crying out, mortally wounded and going to hell as fasta jet
Let this soak in -- you're not aware of the trumpet's loud blast
Is it a sign that your heart is not breaking and your ears have not picked up the servants invitation to come to the feast at the King's table?
Be Bold! Be Aware!

My servants, readers of My Holy Scriptures, find and read
Luke Chapter 14, verses 16 through 35 and you will find
My examples and directions for this day
Many of you have been looking the wrong way
And these words have been overlooked day by day

You have cried out to Me and asked -- "What is my walk to be?"
My child your reason for the season is about to be found
The missionary travails all over the world to take the Good News
While so many of you take comfort sitting in the pews
The "Signs of the Times" are obvious, but the directions I give
Are only acted on by a few

Today, if you will step out in faith
The sickle will be put in your hand and you will begin
To feel your grip tighten on the handle of the plow and sickle
It will be used as a valuable tool to bring in God's ripe crop NOW!
Luke 10, verses 1 through 24 -- As you read My
Child, study, ponder, and meditate on these words
Instructions I have allowed

Do you really believe your God is Real?
Can you not begin to see actual manifestations that He
is now moving rapidly over all of the earth?
We are all being shaken, some bruised and battered,
but not forsaken -- He will hold us and lift us up
Only continue to drink from His cup

Our country of the United States
Is now beginning to burn at the stake
All eyes are looking and their minds are amazed to behold
Man is playing right into Biblical prophecy's hand
Pharoah is about to appear; we will experience his
presence in our country beginning this year
Yet, if you are in My will, It is I only -- God, that you should actually fear
Those who have the truth and have been given much
Are expected to remove and react to the Master's strong touch
We are blessed to have this truth and have been set free
From the devil's lair and captivity
We love our God whom we have not seen
But still we should love our brothers who are visibly on the scene

Come, Come as the Father bids
We have only a few more spiritual days that we can still work
In this great freedom and liberty
The truth of the matter is not being hid
For the vials have been opened and He has removed the lids
Read Revelation 15, verses 7 and 8. This word
is especially for My beloved spiritual kids     Selah!    JoAnn G lasco
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