The Invasion of Mankind

December 9, 1996 1:00 a.m.

A soldier's fortune will not lie in the military
Forget the history of the universal soldier
Things are different now as the future unfolds
It won't ever be the same again
Don't trust this group of women and men.

It isn't clear to you why you're really here
I haven't prepared you fully for the coming event of this next year
Many should desire the holy place
Because the time spent on earth will be trying to win a race
The race ran in life is to a different land
This race is far greater than you've ever heard or seen beforehand

Many have taken the U. S. Government for granted
A full-time career will no longer be desirable
In an institution that has been abandoned by God
Few would have foreseen the sellout to the enemy
We no longer have full protection

The states and cities will be having many insurrections
The cities will be aflame and will not be protected
The soldiers who were once hired have now neglected
The country who once was highly magnified and exalted
The orders of the hierarchy will bear down on
All mankind as they are assaulted.

Flee! Flee congested areas
As if your very life depended on it
There will be no safety in a city
Lives lived there will be in jeopardy
From marauding gangs and murderers who are demon possessed
A possession never experienced before by man in the world or in this land.

Satan's forces have infiltrated mortal man's soul
They've gotten a free hold, from the lascivious living
Of modern day youth. Drugs are everywhere
And from this, demons inhabit the environment
Surrounding the soul man and spirits of all
Participants of this evil day.

The sense realm has been invaded
Only the seal and numbering from God can Ward off this invasion
The eyes are filled from MTV, periodicals and the Internet
The ears are filled with the raucous music from videos to CDs
The mouth drinks in the liquor and puffs the cigarette
The body fulfills its lustful cravings
As it absorbs various drugs
Every kind of sexual encounter and perversion.

This could be called the invasion of mankind by outer space
Demon spirits will seek to inhabit a body
Now they are being released from the bowels of the earth to make war
Some have been restrained until this season.

Body of Christ, be sure all openings are closed in your armor.
If allowed to penetrate, this could cause the believers sickness or death
(Spiritual or natural) to mankind.

Awaken! Those drugged by materialistic idolatry
And credit card banquets
Many Christians walking around without full armor will be felled in battle
Because of this onslaught of this demonic spiritual realm in this last hour.

I am telling you to prepare for many snares
The oncoming judgments have arrived in America, beware!
This is no longer a safe haven
My covering was lifted many months ago
Don't depend on horses and chariots
Only bv the Word of God will you be able to bear it.

TAKE HEED! Those Christians who have not banded with a body of believers
Will feel the impact of living without a satety net
The power of the spiritual army has not been revealed yet.
Thev will cry out for comfort and safety from already established congregations.

Established churches will not be able to fulfill
The needs of the streets and countryside in the days ahead.
The true church will be a people called by His Holy Name
Who are willing to be prepared and trained.

Shade tree ministries everywhere
Be prepared - Be prepared.
Selah (Think on this)

Link up, Christians, as an army
There is great safety in lively stones fitted together
Now is not the time to be alone.

You will live to see prominent church leaders
Persecuted and placed in bondage.

I am telling you to be prepared
Demonic habitations and influence will be everywhere
Make your homes godly sanctuaries
Draw together! Draw near as You see the day approaching.

I am the only safety
Iam the only hiding place
I shall never leave you or forsake you.

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JoAnne Glasco