The Man of Perdition

The man of perdition is about to be revealed
This soon coming hour; Be watchful, be prepared
For many will be deceived at the revealing of his power.

Awaken! for many will be taken into the deception,
For his Identity most have been mistaken.

There Is a call for man to wake up before the coming fall;
Take these things you have previously heard
and prove them now in My word!

He will come as one who walks with and hears from the Son;
Kindly smiles and lies hold the mask on the face
and actions that beguile;

Thus far, a wall of deception and lies
Hide the schemes and plans of this foreign ally.

This man has the power to rise above the present judgments
Of economic collapse and natural disasters;

His life is a portrait of world success and exaltation,
Deeds done in the past have won accolades from this nation.

The Word of God is a sword
to be used against the approaching horde;

The enemy would appear to rush in like a flood,
But God's people are once and for all covered by the blood.

Be ever watchful, minding the signs of the times,
But know that your spirit and soul are Mine.

The Judgments are now falling and coming at a more rapid pace.
Don't be alarmed, and don't fear for this is My mandate for the human race.

Look to the heavenlies for the signs in the skies
No one will doubt that its time to look up
For their redemption draws nigh;

There will be no escape from this tribulation,
But My saints will await and participate in glorious jubilation.

It is time for you to look upon the heavenly Jew;
He has been revealed and manifested to only a few.

Christ Jesus comes to earth to abide in you.
Oh, resurrection power!
That comes so abundantly to us when we need it these last hours,

Saints, be aware of heightened coming deceptions,
Beware! The angel of light will fool many as we move into the night;

Pour in the oil, so that your lamp will burn bright
To enable you to find your way
By following your Lord and Savior's great light.

The path ahead is slippery and dark,
Only by this heavenly light should you safely embark.

The leaders and powers that be are now setting the course
Into action that will change lives for all eternity.

Jo Ann Glasco

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JoAnne Glasco