The Spirit Moves

The Lord would say unto us this day,
I'm not predictable, not my might, not by power.
There is a new way I'm moving this hour.

I'm not moving to the dictates of man.
I'm not listening to their commands;
I am God and speak from My Holy Hill -
they must wait on Me and not move
When My voice is still.

We are living in a time when man's 
Strong soul man moves his spirit;
And the enemy will participate in this game,
Giving credit to My Holy Name.

Errant pastors seek greener pastures
When congregations bleat, "Disaster, disaster!"
Hungry and dissatisfied sheep
Are looking elsewhere for strong meat.

Be sensitive and do not be deceived;
Try the spirits to see if they are of Me.
Men of God will seek Me and wait 
On the gifts of the Spirit as I administrate.

The days ahead will be filled with fear and dread,
As man is still trying to think in his head.
By My Holy Spirit I will safely lead
All of those who put their trust in Me.

So, this hour and day
Men of God will decide 
Who will lead the order
Mortal man - -  or will the Lord have His way.

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JoAnne Glasco