The Road to Babylon

There are many people today
Who would doubt that they are on their way
To a city that was highly spoken of in ancient days.

There are two forks in the road
One road is wide, crowded with people of the world
who are disobedient to God's command;
The other road is narrow for the few who still desire the Lord
and want to possess the land.

Babylon was a glorious majestic place
which has been remembered throughout the archives
of historians from nearly every human race.
Through ancient stones and rubble heaps excavated by archaeologists
all know the city that God destroyed from earth's face.

Today, old Babylonian ruins still stand
as a city of symbolism - 
and yet it is still vital in fulfilling Biblical prophecy.
It is for our example for all men to behold and see
that this is the *ultimate in human captivity.

The road walked by millions into slavery and captivity
has now been replaced by modern roadways and cities;
Yet still, the story is the same
as in the Jeremiah and Ezekiel timeframe.

Think on these things.  Read the Old Testament.
Babylon was built by slaves
to house the pagan, heathen kings and their false gods;
Built by God's chosen people who were relocated
by the persuasion of Nebuchadnezzar's iron rod.

As you read this message
Determine if you are walking the road to Babylon;
Remember there is a way to step
out of captivity and be set free
from all bondages thrown out to enshackle thee.

The road to Babylon is covered with fears and tears -
People have succumbed to life's pressures and death is near.
Many have taken a nap too many times on the side of the road -
The cares and burdens of this life were too heavy a load.

Choices were given by the Father
at many crossroads, and decisions were made
based on the fertile ground and the seeds that were sown - 
they had been saved.

The flesh and self govern the way we've walked -
Many have dreamed and wished they could
follow the Spirit and walk the walk,
But man alone does not dictate the way he gets to the throne.

The Word and Spirit are life and wisdom
to those who find them -
Upon their fingers and in their hearts they should
faithfully find them.
Meditating on the Word both day and night
Leads the believer to a constant walk in the Light.

The road to Babylon is filled with people
who would, but could not believe
that Jesus was supernaturally conceived;
A seed that was planted by an omnipotent God
in a Virgin whom no earthly man had given a nod.

The road to Babylon winds around many mountains
when it would have been easier to journey over the top.
Life's decisions were made in man's head
and the Lord's plan was not given a thought;
Battles were lost and not successfully fought.

Valleys with holes and ruts in the road
Could have been avoided, and Christ would have
lightened the load.
As dangers abounded, the crowds kept following the masses -
Not realizing that The Word of God was
there to keep them from fatal crashes
As they desired to be elevated to the richer, higher classes.

Deception comes from following worldly seductions,
Christians lose their oil and light -
Now, by willful disobedience, some saints are losing their sight.

You will see in the future a total public desecration
of all that is sacred and thought to be holy. 
Decadent human behavior will publicly be exhibited and bathed in immortality. Most of the entire nation have been desensitized;
and by this, their minds have become darkened as to how far they have fallen.
Many people who received Christ early in life have chosen the wide road to Babylon,
because it tickled the flesh and allowed them to enjoy the ways of the world
and hypocritically embrace Christ. This cannot be, saith the Lord, as man cannot serve two masters. He will love one and despise the other. This will cause confusion as they walk the road in total delusion. As the time grows near There will be a public defacing of all that is held dear - Man has lost all reverence for life and Godly principles There is no fear of God in this nation; We are expeiencing a replay of old Babylonian idolatry and divination; Astrological perception and false gods' deceptions lead people to become lovers of self and objects of demonic seductions. The road to Babylon is filled with worldly contamination - Scattered garbage and filthy dumps have been poured out by worldly institutions; The words are ignored in the United States Constitution - The masses in the world are engaged in spiritual prostitution. The pavement and soil on this road are covered with slime and filthy degradation - The other road is narrow and straight and few that enter therein For the way is for the righteous, and their desires are to be free from sin. Saints of God, The Ark is loading up! It is time to pull the windows and other openings shut - for surely, if the cracks are not sealed, worldly contamination will seep in and steal the life of holiness and Spiritual zeal.

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JoAnne Glasco