Prepare For The Messiah

by Jo Ann Glasco 

Watch the country of Israel
I would say unto you
that she is the fig tree I've planted
to foretell the events about to come.
On her I breathe the breath
I've held that will shape all eternity.

Men have been looking for the signs -
The red heifer has been identified 
as has My body, who is being prepared as a bride.

The judgments now come more rapidly than before -
The vials are being poured out over the nations
No one can doubt this is the beginning of tribulation.

Prepare yourself, oh bride of Zion
for the Messiah will come as a lion.
My hand and workmanship can be seen everywhere
Because My bright light in the darkness
will draw the heathen's stare.

Do you see the fig tree?
Its seasonal fruit foretells forthcoming prophesy -
She now blooms and will soon be bearing fruit
The sap now flows to all branches from the root.

Note the tendrils curling up from the vine
Know that soon many will be tasting new wine
For surely the outpouring of My Spirit
will be for those I have deemed Mine.

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JoAnne Glasco