Hast Thou Not Seen My Hand?

by Jo Ann Glasco 

Hast thou not seen My hand
moving in your behalf
Picking up there a little - here a little
to widen and make plain your path?

For you see "I'm a God who changes not
And My mysteries unfold
from the Testament of Old.

I've brought you to a place
where you can do nothing but seek My face
I'll pour out on you My Spirit
and reveal My knowledge to all men who will hear it.

Make known My ways in front of all men
As you become My guided light
This is done, of course, by
yielding to My great might.

Rest in Me as you watch Me perform
The visions that I've given to you
Rejoice as I bring true
the revelation of the Spiritual Jew.

Hold fast - Stand true!
As the winds blow and the fires burn
Perfection will be the ultimate for you.

Think it not strange
that I've brought you to this place
For it is time to bring My judgements on the human race.

My ways will be made perfect
in you this hour
For I long to transfer to you 
My glory and My power.

Hearken to Me - Look to Me!
for the signs of the times will be
displayed for all men to see.
There will be no doubt 
what this great shaking is all about.

I love you, little children;
Step up to a higher place in Me
For you will feel My heart beat
And I will blow My breath on you
And you will be consumed
with My zeal.
All of this to make My finished product 
to become real.

Look to me for you will see 
these great changes brought by My hand
You will not fear as you listen to 
My every command.

Place both of your hands in Mine,
and I will lead you to Mt. Zion
For there you will have the perfect view
To watch all My sayings come true.

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JoAnne Glasco