The Sign of the Fig Tree

by Jo Ann Glasco 

        Matthew 24:32, 22 KJV

        "Now learn a parable of the fig tree;
        when his branch is yet tender,
        and putteth forth leaves,
        ye know that summer is nigh;

        So likewise ye,
        when ye shall see all these things,
        know that it is near,
        even at the doors."

Saints of God
Begin to get ready for the final countdown -
Each month ahead will be as if leading you down
steps where you will begin to see marked changes
upon the earth.  The judgments will be kmore
frequent as they come while your dollars from
hard work become less and less.
This impact in the near future will touch everyone.

The United States of America is under a curse -
The fruit of this will be made more clear
as the months ahead happenings and events will begin to draw near
The U.S.A. is no longer a safe haven
for those nations who look at us from afar.
We are no more the original government that was
designed by the godly, founding fathers of the Constitution.

In comparison, we have more in common with Disneyland.
Our democracy has begun to unwind
People are escaping to this land, and they demand the
freedom that does not exist;
Yet, they want to come and they insist.

Hear the lies that spew forth from the media that
We are a great nation.
Resist the temptation to read, listen, and believe.

Lies and deception have captivated the periodicals, 
media and internet.
Guard your ears, eyes, and your heart
Lest this strong spirit of seduction overtake you . . .
It is reaching for the lost and sleeping sheep.

Satan is the god of this world, and he has
released greater, stronger principalities, and rulers
of darkness, for the hour is very late
and he knows his ultimate fate.

Guard yourselves, My people - 
Come into the Ark before it gets totally dark -
Assemble yourselves together in My name
as the day is so quickly approaching.
Love one another
Become truly as spiritual sisters and brothers 
for I prepare to soon send your older Brother.

There has been no greater time of widespread 
personal responsibility;
It is up to you to learn to listen to My voice
Read My Word. Be a doer and yield to My gentle 
corrections and chastisements.

As I look about the earth,
I see the shape of My body and the Spirit grieves
for they are not aware and do not prepare
for the soon-coming Son.
Many are still biting and devouring each other
or nodding and falling back to sleep,
While all along the warning sounds of the trumpets
will make a true saint weep.

And yes, many are called by My name
(I do not personally know them)
for they look and act as if they belong to the god of this world.
Yes, some who are called by My name
and the world are the same.
This lifeless part of the body conforms to the world
and compromises My Word.
They truly are deceived and believe
they are reaching the lost sheep herd.

Watch the signs of the fig tree
for just as the seasons change,
You will know by My Word
Occurrences upon the earth will be determined
by the fruit and the color of the leaves.

I have placed leaders in power
that do not know Me as their God -
However, they will obey My every command
Since I control the final destiny of man.

You will have a new leader in America -
You will experience great changes in all past, present, and
future manmade institutions.
The so-called "innocent years" will be recalled only by a few 
who remain.

My remnant, My special chosen ones,
I love you and cherish you.
Hearken to My voice, "Prepare! Prepare!"
Listen to Me, and My saftey for you will be found everywhere.

Now, again I say it is getting very dark upon the earth,
And yet, still My light will arise and shine
and you will become that city set on a hill.
My plan for you in the days ahead are just divine -
So, move quicly to line up with My Word and perfect will.

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JoAnne Glasco