Communication With The Father

(A Word for the Chosen, Called-Out Ones)

Jesus, Jesus,
Forgive me for all of the idolatry and sin
For being involved in time-wasting activities that I've been in.

Oh, what an enlightenment has come to me!
When my eyes are now opened and at last I can see.
Oh, God, help me
For I am powerless, you see -
For without You, I am helpless and live in iniquity
Be great in me, overcome me with Your presence
While I am weak and afflicted, I bow to You in humility.

Now, my thoughts are yours -
The mind of Christ is in me
For truly, I seek Your face
And as I do this, You take my hand to show me
Your plans and the happenings to the human race.

I lay down my life as a sacrifice
So that you can pour in Your oil to save human lives.
Why have I been so stubborn?
Why have I held back?
When deep down in my soul, I've known of this lack.

For the wooings and beckoning of the Holy Spirit
Are awesome this hour;
The time has come, the day draws near
From on high He will endue us with His power;
He is soon to come back, and we have only hours.

Now, get in your closet and lie prostrate -
Cry out for what is about to come to the human race.
I will have a people who will continually seek My face.
You know that the time is so near -- Now make haste.

My children, it will not be long
When My called-out ones will be singing a new song.
A song of joy and gladness without measure
For your only desire will be to fulfill My pleasure.

You will walk on the high places -
No evil circumstance will touch you as you run life's races.
The life that I've chosen for you is to overcome.
Now, come unto Me; let me breathe My life into you,
And you will see life's battles will be won.
     Jo Ann Glasco

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