The Church of the Last Days

Many established churches will close their doors
There will be no money to pay office help
No money to be made, no money to be paid
Some sanctuaries will be open for services only.

The buildings will become a shelter for the broken-hearted, destitute, and lonely.
They will become as spiritual hospitals for shipwrecked vessels who are trying to survive
When the hour becomes late, many will just be trying to stay alive.

Theologians and religious hierarchy will delete the original, supernatural Gospel
What is left will be soothing words with out Spirit or power
They will all continue sleeping through the last hours.

A new way is being prepared for the church of the latter days.
The temple will be restored in My people.
I will be found living in the saints,
Not in a building with a steeple.

My saints will form an army
A remnant of believers marching in one accord
They are clothed in sanctified raiment
And Spiritual weapons to slay the devil's horde.

The overcomers will become the winners of the coming battle and tribulations;
They will be found standing victorious in the midst of chaotic devastations.

I have numbered My people and My mark is written on their foreheads;
Those who intercede with sighs and groans
Who give their lives and lay prostrate before My throne
     Jo Ann Glasco

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JoAnne Glasco