Modern Day Messengers

It has been said that man will have nothing to dread
If he plunges ahead with the ancient gospel of the dead

They preach a gospel with Christ still in the tomb
This same Christ was in the Upper Room
This same Christ who was prepared to be a living sacrifice for all to see.
But at that time, as now, very few even cared.

They herald His coming today - - - "He's coming back", they all say
But still, few are walking in what He wanted us to do
This revelation has been ignored, "Jesus in you".

Our Lord desires a people to be as the apostles of old
To withstand daily persecution and be bold.
Consequences will not be considered as they share
This same gospel to all who despair.

Signs and wonders are the order of this modern day.
My format and examples are in My Word on display.
Don't delay to put them into practice without hesitation.
Now is the time that I want you to clothe yourself
with my garments before the nations.

Rise up and tell how the old story has saved many from hell.
Give them My cup - - - Give them a drink from My well.

Oh, Saints, don't you know that My gospel
will prevail and you have nothing to fear?
Now is the time that you must yield to My Spirit
as I send you out to the highways and hedges this next year.

Prepare to reap the harvest that many before you have sown.
Some have watered, and I've given the increase
to those who have been chosen to be My very own.

Thrust in the sickle for the harvest is now white.
Get ready to labor while it is still day
for soon we will experience the coming night.
     Jo Ann Glasco

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JoAnne Glasco