The Trumpet Blast

Blow the trumpet! Hear the blast!
The future has been foretold instead of the past
The judgments forewarned are here at last.

I can hear the trumpet sounding - I fear not
For God's mercy and grace are abounding;
Blessings and not curses are what we've got.

Blessed are those who have understanding
And hearken not unto the deceptions of man;
For behold, you will see the manifestation
Of things I've told You of beforehand.

I have given you a place to perform exploits for the human race.
I will be your guide as you perform My word to the nations wide.

>P> Hear Me! -- Listen to Me! As I perform My wrath for all to see
There will be no doubt that these acts are really of Me.

Famines, pestilence and demon inhabitations make this a nation of tribulation.
Government and financial collapse Mark this nation outlined in Lamentations.

Oh, Nation - be forewarned! Those who I've marked will come to no harm.
Prepare to listen and move as I sound the alarms.

Trust Me -- Believe Me and do not be dismayed.
When the judgments poured out Will carry many away.

Be watchful -- Be careful!
Seductive deceptions have been laid out.
The enemy has laid out snares everywhere.
Self-made plans will trip the devout.

Be forewarned as I blow this horn.
I will do nothing before I put the Called-out Ones on the alert.
The judgments poured out will be a confirmation for the reborn.

Blessed are they whose lives have been laid down In sacrifice;
Cleansed and washed by the blood of the Lamb;
They have walked in covenant as my servant Abraham.

Do not fear -- My judgments are here
Don't you hear the trumpet blast?
They are here at last.

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JoAnne Glasco