The Cry of the Saint

Let this be your heart's cry as the new year begins
Speak to me from Your Word;
Visit me in my soul and spirit.
Even though I've read and heard
At this hour, I really need to hear it.

Let me know of Your thoughts and purposes for now
I am waiting here at my wit's end
I need a word from the throne
Comfort me, so that I won't have to bear this alone.

Daily carnality, thoughts, and dealings
Fill my thoughts with confusion and really have me reeling.
Jesus, Jesus, help me to see
What plan and purpose you really have for me.

Speak to me, Oh, Lord! Let me know which way you want me to go.
Upward I will climb and press toward the mark.
A long time ago, a choice was made by me to embark

Don't let me miss the final instructions;
I want to know Your plan
Help me to be aid and deliverer
For those who have fallen into satanic destruction.

At this hour I want to be
In the special place You have for only me.
Disobedience, rebellion, and willful ways
I've laid down and crucified for these last days.

Jesus, Jesus, be made real in my life
Let me experience and walk in Your ways.
Break me and pour in Your will and nature
So that Christ, not I will be on display.

Abba Father, bear me up by Your Spirit.
As I resist and overcome life's snares
Equip me always to hear your voice
To escape the traps and deceptions the enemy prepares

Lead me to walk on that highway
As the judgments that have been foretold
Quite ruthlessly begin to unfold.
     Jo Ann Glasco

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JoAnne Glasco