America On The Precipice


Monday, November 24, 1997

I went to do errands in a nearby city today
Darkness could be felt in every way
People's countenances were full of misery and gloom
As they went about living this life
Without the foreknowledge of the coming doom.

My heart grieved for the lost souls
that worked behind the counters
and walked the store aisles,
for darkness inhabited them
and spiritual death had been theirs for a little while;
All day, I did not see one smile.

During the day, as I went my way,
I cried, "Jesus, Jesus, show them the way."
My heart was filled with mercy and compassion 
for gross darkness was already covering the earth,
and the end really wasn't very far away.

During the early hours of the morning of November 25, 1997, I was awakened from a deep sleep and given this prophetic rhyme.  This message is primarily for the overcomers -

1998 is going to be a hard year
We will all shed many a tear -
Spiritually speaking, we will become
The bride prepared to meet the Son.

        America On the Precipice

America is hanging on the edge
To foreign markets they have given their pledge - 
There are multitudes standing on the precipice
Their feet are standing next to the ledge.

The overcomers have an automatic flash light
equipped by their God to take them through the dark nights.
Their lights burn brightly in the darkness
While humanity full of woe
is drawn to this radiant glow.

The days will be filled with sorrow -
Most will not escape the horror;
A way of life each knew well has fleeted
As the citizens grope about as being already defeated.

Oh, devastation in this nation!
Who makes up the last one who goes into tribulation
Too late to regroup
When one is surrounded by foreign troops.

Where is there a place to go
When one has denied warnings that were given so long ago?
They look for those who might have a word from God
Those who have been spared the onslaught from the prince of the air 
While all the while, living a life filled with wisdom and loving care.

What were the warning so long ago
for those who were stubborn and wouldn't let go?
They now remember the trumpet's blast
that blew through the days and nights
Warning of these days of the last.

It isn't too late to come to Jehovah God -
His arms are always open to those who are broken and ready to repent.
Eternal life is worth the cost one has spent
The Lord will manifest Himself through His people - 
The overcome will bring life and care to those in need of repair.

The mind goes back to the thoughts
of the floods that came without warning - 
Tornadic fury - Over the coastline, hurricanes came into the mainland swarming.

Even still, we remember the sirens as they scream for us to flee
for the cities are on fire, and it is past time to leave;
Marauding gangs did terrorize the people so -
they waited too late, and finally, there was no place to go

Strikes, shutdown, and riots depleted the food supply;
Without these necessities and no preparation, Many will surely die.

Drugs and evil deeds have lost their lust
as money and supplies run out, and sources have bit the dust.
Sex sins in an adulterous nation have lost their appeal
As the book of Revelation begins to unfold the seven seals.
(Study My last book of the Bible, and I will open up new truths on judgments and days of wrath.)

Seeing they do not see - hearing they do not hear.
Daily work places restructuring and mass lay-offs
They still cannot see this will come at a very great cost.

Freedom and privacy are being nibbled away - 
Soon, we will be captives enslaved
Just as the prophets foretold about nations in their last days.

Those who have the light are working while it is yet day
their heavenly Father gives them revelation about where to move,
What to do, and what to say.
Oh, praise the Lord!  He loves us so -
His arms are around us, and He will never let us go.

Saints of God, You must inquire of Me about everything you do
for a new life of obedience I now require of you.
You must harken to My Spirit this hour;
Learn of My ways - perform as I tell you and you will be filled with My power.

The greatest hour for My called ones is approaching.
My mind will be in you - You have been transformed by My Spirit and My Word
This will have made you ready to withstand the galloping herd.

If you will listen and follow My ways
You will not panic and be afraid
These last of the last days.
I will hear you say to Me, Abba Father
"Come quickly, Lord Jesus,"
and I will come for the sake of the elect.

There will be no man-made revival;
There will be an awakening and a harvest
Where the many seeds have been sown.

Prepare to intercede to birth new souls into the Kingdom.
Your tears will water the seeds lying in the fallow ground
they have been waiting for moisture while lying in the cold -
The Son will shine on them as they sprout forth, and they will grow
and be delivered in ways that you cannot even know.

Oh, saints!
Put both of your hands on the plow
and don't look back as Sodom burns now
and Babylon disintegrates into an unrecognizable ruin.
Keep your eyes on Me and witness My glory that all men will see.

My sayings are coming to pass -
They are here at last.
The trumpet has sounded and sounded
and the enemy is at the gate;
Aren't you glad that you didn't wait until it was too late?

When this hour comes, My army will be ready to help those
Who come to seek Me; I will be found when they look for Me
and My gift of salvation will be free.

I am speaking to the laborers
Who must be consecrated, sanctified, and in total submission to Me,
for it is only in Me will there be any victory.
You will see Me in greater measure
and it will fill you with much joy and pleasure

* Precipice
 (1) Vertical overhanging rock face - steep cliff
 (2) Greatly hazardous situation, verging on disaster
                (Webster's Dictionary)    by Jo Ann Glasco 

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