The State of Preparedness

There is a call before the fall, for saints to come into a spiritual attitude of preparedness. Many are walking in the foretold prophesy, "As in the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man". Even though they hear and see the signs of the coming of the Son of God, they go on living as they have always done. Now we are experiencing a moment of mercy and grace, a reprieve, so to speak. Time has been given in order to get our houses in order. We need a little more time to learn to walk and learn to live in that state of preparedness for what God is about to do upon the earth. The following prophetic rhyme is a message to the laborers of the harvest:

A great word will be coming forth
One that will be so profound
One that will astound (my sheep)
Who still bleat and sleep
While the sounds of My coming can be heard
The blasts and the thunder make loud rumblings.

And still, most who know want to procrastinate
I would say get ready now for the church apostate
Get ready now for the sudden collapse
It isn't far off - Can't you hear the thunder clap?
The lightning strikes, the winds blow
While the flooding rivers are out of control!
Can't you hear the roar of the thundering four?
One by one, they bring the apocalypse mentioned in the days of yore.

My watchman do proclaim
The prophesies of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Jeremiah fame
Listen with your spiritual ears
As the clock ticks off the minutes that some thing will be years.
Hearken to the wonders and signs
While my prophets release my sayings  in various communication lines.

Circumstances are coming about
Where man cannot live without
A belief and relationship with Jehovah God
Only through Him can man escape the coming devastations
that move across the land like lightning rods.

There is a cry across the land for peace and safety
These words are called upon by demand
There will be none of this
As it is ordered and proclaimed by man.

Peace and safety for nations
Teetering on the brink of tribulation?
All peace will be found in Me
And now I will be the one who gives man his liberty.
Safety can only be on by those who worship the Son.

Make haste - there will be no time to waste.
Do not look to the left nor to the right
As I lead you away from dangers;
Hearken to My voice as I prepare your way for flight
As terrorism and gangs stalk the cities,
A way will be made for you to flee in the night.

There will be a way made for safety in the days ahead.
Those walking in righteousness will reap the price of a life devout
By the Spirit of God, they will be shown the way out.

The Lord would say, Come this way
And I will deliver you from cataclysmic dangers this day
Step not there - Get out of harm's way
Avoid that entrapment
Covenant people will travel by night
As I lead them away from cities where there will be a great flight.

There will be explosions that light up the sky
Do not be afraid, I am always close by.
No air flights or motor trips should be taken
Without much prayer and mediation
As you see such terroristic demonstrations
Know that you arrived at the beginning of the book Revelation

Scriptures:    Matthew 13:14-15; Matthew 24:37; 2 Peter 3:3-4; Revelation 2:17             
    by Jo Ann Glasco 

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