Don't Look Back

Oh God!  What can this circumstance be?
Can it really be happening to me?
My enemies sit on every side
With drawn-up plans designed by diabolical forces.
The unseen spirits are blown in
Sitting astride the four big, strong Apocalyptic horses.

Oh, would we be able to go back
To the days when everything seemed to be on the right track?
Look about at the debris from the spiritual winds
That God allows to blow unrelenting while exposing our sins.
All of this frees the enemy to step up his attacks.

We cannot, we cannot look back
At a more simpler life
When things appeared to be serene
And peace and safety were in everyone's dreams.

Many are now beginning to hear the trumpet blasts
The sounds are reverberating and echoing across this great nation.
The unlearned heathen's eyes are beginning to see,
And they cringe as they receive natural and spiritual revelation.

God is giving every human a chance
To see and hear the approaching hoof beats 
Bring forth the oncoming judgments to this great nation.

Today, are you familiar with the Apocalyptic Dour?
Prepare yourself now to experience those things and more
That were written in My Holy Book
Of the biblical days of yore.   Selah
        A prophetic poem by Jo Ann Glasco

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JoAnne Glasco