The Handwriting on the Wall
Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

Daniel was a long-lived prophet of old
An uncompromised stance he took for a Holy God
In an evil land where as a slave he was sold.
He interpreted the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar
And the handwriting for his evil son, Belshazzar.
This narration tells us that whatever God tells us to do
He is right there with us --- and giving the right answers, too.

America has taken a great fall
This prophetic rhyme does not say it all.
We can look back at the prophets of old
Who were so very bold;
We can find answers to today's circumstances 
If we will only glance at the Testament of Old.

There is an ominous darkness ascending across the globe
A seasonal change has transformed all aspects Of the Spatial atmosphere;
Transfigurations in daily living have turned
Upside down and no longer bear resemblance
To that which was in place three years ago.

The Columbine High School is an example 
Of modern day manmade rules in the public schools.
The employees and students have become pawns 
As Satan's new tools.

Watch!  As a picture of the nation's health is exposed
As the media fans and exaggerates it by pouring on fodder and fuel.

You might ask, "Why hasn't the administration acquired more facts?"
Why have they seemingly operated in leaderless lack?
The Lord would say, "I have used this example as a tack
To help many of the watchful get on a Godly track."

The young bandits have been moving and operating 
With the number of four,
The skills they have acquired would annihilate bodies by the score.
The secret hiding places will be uncovered 
And its mystery will be no more.  Selah.

As this tragedy unfolds, 
Youth and parents will be forced to behold
The results of abandoning the Ten Commandments.
The words etched in stone in the Old Testament
Are today's guidelines and are still relevant
As they were in ancient days when they were first God sent.

A cumulation of modern day filth
Has now begun to bear fruit.
A nation who sits under its own fig tree
Will have to eat of what has been sown and grown
The fruit is wormy and is not a pretty sight to see.

The products of this bad seed
Have now been placed on a spiritual table 
For the nation to eat and digest as they feed.
This rotten seed was planted with pride, lust, greed, and hate
Not to say it was seasoned with diabolical malfeasance
Demons salivate as it is put on our plate.

The media and technology began to water the plants
That Satan has carefully sown;
And now the stench has rose
And the odorous whiff of this filth
Has been carried to everyone's nose.

There is a new way for the media circus to play
As they unknowingly propel to bring prophesy for these last days;
They contrive to perpetuate disorder and mayhem
For all who stare at the tube and Internet
In a numbed and dumbed state.
(Matthew 24 - 25 is a word in which God's people now need to meditate.)

The Balkan war is for all of those participating from the United Nations;
Only a fool could design such a military plan
That feeds directly into the end-time tribuation.
Truly, this action was not prayed about by our leaders of state
One could only hope that divine intervention would stop deployment
Of ground troops before it is too late.

America and other friendly countries have gambled heavily on military technology.
This current event is only an update of the old tower of Babel
When all was given to astrology.
Trumpets are sounding for My people to hear
About oncoming judgments that have been whisteld for       
Prepare for even greater changes to come upon the earth
Do not fear!

Consider the churches, buildings, and organizations
Who even now carry My name.
People congregate to find peace, relieve fears and shame;
In most of these places, My Spirit does not inhabit there anymore.
In fact, it would be difficult for Me to walk through the doors.
Their candlestick was removed long ago, 
And those who would miss it found another place to go.

There is now a famine of the Word in the land
Even though many hear and see, they do not understand.
Many pastors and hirelings of the church
Stand and stare as in a state of shock
They still refuse to tell of oncoming judgments to the flock.
The true gospel and Spiritual gifts are ignored in the service
As the congregations sit and grow more nervous.

Consider, too, a great falling away of those
Who have known My Word for many days.
They, at one time, walked and talked with Me
Deception, delusion, and spiritual blindness are as heavy as can be;
They now revel in idolatry
They have conformed to this world
And abondoned precious time with Me.
All of this has created a vacuum
And they cannot see or hear their own iniquity.

Oh Church, wake Up!
My prophets and watchmen across the land
Are blaring My words, thoughts, and desires on every hand.
Oh Sleeping People, Awaken!
The very ground beneath you is now being shaken.

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JoAnne Glasco