America Versus the Titanic

America is now floundering like a rudderless ship
There is no one at the helm
Our leaders are in a state of confusion;
We might go down like the Titanic if there is panic.

Many people are awakening from sleep
As they see the leaderless nation
Begin to head for the coming tribulation
They gasp for breath as they watch the tumbling markets and stocks
Scare many people to a financial death.

America!  America!
A country that was once a great nation
As her sins are exposed without hesitation
She appears to the world that she is both naked and lame.

Our President did repent
But his good fortune has been spent.
We are left with only a shell
And a crippled economy that is bound for hell.

The stock market rumbles and tumbles
As hurricanes and tornadoes move across the land 
With a loud clap of thunder.
Many in agriculture are now broke 
And how they live and survive is a wonder.

Our institutions we held so dear
Have demised - right before our very eyes.
This will be a very bad year
For many will be shipwrecked and full of fear - 
They did not hear the trumpet blast
For they were warned of these days of the last.

As the ship begins to sink
Many still hang on to their materialistic idols that really stink.
We are now feeling the judgments of God - 
Other nations look at us in dismay
As we appear lost and no longer can find our way.

Things seem to have gone awry - 
The system no longer works as it's supposed to
Even still, people gamble and play 
Ignoring the times and darkening days.

Will someone come to our rescue?
Perhaps another foreign country can bail us out -
No help will be found there
For their fortunes have tumbled
And they are already living in a life of despair.

Many people who have known the truth
Will search for someone to help them find their way
So many will be waiting for a spiritual soldier
To come by and save the day.

This will be the harvest, the laborerers are few
Prepare yourself to gather in this important crop.
The fields are white.
The saints of God will come to seek and save
While they are bearing the light.     

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JoAnne Glasco