The Lord said unto me
In the middle of the night
In the middle of the night
You will write.

There will be a flight from Egypt
To the Sinai Desert
A flight that is taken by those people
Who are in plight.
Fleeing from the Egyptians to the Israelites and the light.

Those who are in the world
Will begin to experience an insecurity and feeling of confusion
For the things around them will change for all eternity.
Most will have feelings of delusion.

Tickets for places unknown
Will be bought to take them away from their homes - 
Calls will be made to relatives and old friends
To ask for shelter for them to stay in.

As gross darkness that is mentioned in Isaiah
Settles over the contaminated atmosphere
A search will be made for safety - 
A port in the storm
A light for warmth
Will be searched for by those who are in fear.

Y2K and a nuclear holocaust
Will leave many stranded - 
And they wander around "the desert" in a state of feeling lost;
They never felt things would change
As they continued in their ways and didn't count the cost.

The country that we have always known
Becomes foreign to us and doesn't seem like home.
Prepare saints, for the coming disasters - 
For you will be called upon
To render aide and ministry for those who roam.

Take the Word of God, and eat it like manna.
Prepare to do the works of the early Christians in the book of Acts.

For it will be the works of the Spirit
That will save those who are floundering
In their daily life and who are experiencing lack.

Oh, My little children - Listen to My Spirit.
Draw near to Me and look up for your redemption
As the days grow dark, and no man can bear it.

Do not be afraid -
Look not at the circumstances
For I will hide you in the crevice of the rock;
I will cover you with My wings
And there will be shelter from these many strange things.

Do you have on the helmet of salvation?
Is it placed firmly on your head?
Have you taken the sword and shield
Along with the breastplate of righteousness?

Then you have nothing to dread
For the armour of the Spirit
Will keep you from living in darkness
And from the dreaded life of those who are spiritually dead.

The days are now soon ahead that I've warned you of
By My watchmen and My Spirit.
I have told you to prepare
So that troubled times will not catch you unaware.
Stay before Me in prayer
Because surely you will hear My voice there.

Are you ready to do signs and wonders?
Raise the dead, heal the sick, and cast out devils?
For surely you will do greater works than I 
For My Spirit has been placed in many to preach
The gospel and do the works of the ministry.

You will be in Me,
And I will be in you
To supernaturally empower you
To walk out your destiny.

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JoAnne Glasco