The Return of Ezekiel

There are winds blowing of seasonal spiritual change. The prophetic voice has been muted and refuted. Many churches are out of order. This office, as one-fifth of the five-fold ministry, has been put aside. This gift to the church has been drug out and listened to when convenient. Things all around us are now collapsing. Circumstances and events will not go as they've always gone. The Lord God will prepare us for things to come if we will let Him. Please read more... A prophetic voice is being raised up across the land and moves among the body without demand The words of warning and preparation are deliberately stifled To the believer, I have now sent this message as a long yardage pass that has been rifled. The average worshiper never receives My messages, Those that I have trumpeted, through a few called-out disciples. I am bringing the prophet back to the forefront in My body I speak through them now with great authority and anointing; Yet, these voices of forthcoming doom win no accolades of popularity in your upper rooms - These words will not tickle the ears or speak peace and prosperity. My sheep, My shepherds, and My body are deceived - The voice of prophetic utterances must come forth now with utmost clarity, Not quenched and ignored with the tone of Pharisee hypocrisy. The five-fold ministry was sent to the church to perfect the saints. The office of prophet has been compartmentalized and is seen now on special occasions; This is usually behind closed doors and is basically ignored. Their words don't bring forth exhortation and edification; Leaders fear utterances will cause the poor sheep to faint and create too many complaints. I say I am now breathing life into the ancient bones of the prophet of old. Holy fire comes forth from those I've called to be bold. They will speak out My words of the coming disasters that loom My wind changes and glows in a new direction. It is time now for a foundational shaking and open correction. Lay down the traditions of man and organized worship of quartets and musical bands. My Spirit will not be found in these old forms of denominations Legal theology and ecclesiastical dispensations Exercising them lead now to spiritual death and desolation. Oh, My saints! Don't you see the deceive? Don't you see the satanic contamination and infiltration in my body that is now walking around with no head? My shepherds, My sheep want to walk around in a fantasy of old-time religion and post moves of structured faith When No I am warning that the enemy stands at the gate and the riders sit astride the apocalyptic four The horsemen are getting ready to settle the judgmental score. Churches, ministers, and sheep I am sending a warning that My Spirit will no longer keep Wake up now from that slumber that has been so deep and allow My Words to come forth that will make My chosen ones want to repent and weep. All of these who have the calling of Ezekiel Stand up and eat the cross. It is your calling! So, count the cost! For I will use you to forewarn and attempt to awaken the sleeping and the lost Called to a once prosperous and virtuous nation that is now deemed among the rebellious who are experiencing the beginning of spiritual desolation. My people, these prophets will have come from the "river" Chebar They have spent time laying prostrate and in much spiritual labor Crucifying flesh, they have spent hours before Me Through their lips, they speak My words of things to come You will know that My consuming fire is on their tongues. My churches, My body, My chosen ones Don't do the deed that the Philistines performed so many years ago. They touched the Ark while in tow and with great displeasure I did show that the works and practices of man I will not forego. Again, I say - I am raising up in prominence the old prophet for these last days Don't persecute and stone, for it is My Word within them that comes directly from the throne. The prophetic words will not be pleasant to hear, nor will they tickle your ear. Just be patient - Listen to My voice for the squeeze is on and you really have no choice. I love My body. I love them so much I gave My only begooten son in their stead. I am wanting My sheep to be properly fed By your obedience and walking in My commands I will take you by the hand So that you will forever reside with Me in a city in the Promised Land. Get ready! Prepare the way! He is sending the prophet Ezekiel to His church for a stay To prepare His people for the time of the latter days. Listen and pay attention to what our Father has to say as He gets us ready to discern the Holy Spirit and it moves a new way. What? You're not ready for this? You have been enjoying daily activities and goings-on As you've always done before? Busy, busy, working for the companies and institutions of man. Making a living and enjoying life's blessing with much thanksgiving and prosperity that He has given us beforehand. Our daily religious pracitces have soothed us into rote and traidtion Not realizing this rut will not carry us to and through the coming tribuation. God wants a beautiful bride that is completely prepared Who is not blinded and bound by the prince of the air. Selah

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JoAnne Glasco