The Message of the Alabaster Box

This word was given to my spirit while in the throes of hopelessness and despair. Healing hadn't happened yet, and the enemy's camp was bombarding me with fiery darts of doubt and unbelief. The Lord is every faithful to His word. When the enemy comes in like a flood, He raises a standard. This time He sent a message with the great Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

Do not cry
You will not die.
You have everything to give
So now just live and live -
You are precious to Me -
A sweet odor has been given to thee -
Such sweetness!  Such a fragrance
can only come from the Master.
Hasn't He made you to lie down in green pastures?
Hasn't He restored your soul?
Hasn't He hidden you in the cleft of the rock?

Do not fear - - do not worry.
I have ordained you to carry
A message to those who still tarry.
Worship Me - - Praise Me
and you will see
This bride to be that I plan to marry.

I am the Balm of Gilead -
I have poured the alabaster box on your head -
I have made you a sweet-smelling fragrance on the earth -
Arise in Me!  Give Me the victory!
Praise My Holy Name so that others will know of My fame.
Jesus, Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever 
How can you doubt My past and present endeavors?

Oh, child of Mine -
I am taking you to Mount Zion
A special place in Me
Is just yours for the taking, you will see.
I am Lord of a vast domain
Don't you think that I can heal the lame?
Don't limit Me to what others say and what you feel
I have come to you to heal, and so be healed!

Live in Me, and you will see the magesty of God upon the earth,
as He brings many into the new birth.
Jesus will manifest Himself to the inhabitants of the earth.
As the seed comes forth to full term
He will be seen by many
Who from past experiences would not learn -
But now, in the days ahead,
He leads that small company, that remnant, to awaken the spiritually dead.

Mark 14:3-6             Matthew 26:7-10

Interpretation and Definition

Alabaster is a translucent, whitish, fine-grained variety of gypsum according to Webster.  It is sometimes streaked like marble and used as a vase for perfumes.

A sweet-smelling fragrance can only be gained when the box has been broken and the ingredients have spilled out.  Others cannot help but pick up the aroma.  It drifts out like a cloud of smoke and is fanned by the breezes of the gentle Holy Spirit while the winds of God are stirring the spiritual atmosphere.

Jo Ann Glasco

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JoAnne Glasco