The Apocalypse Begins

Agriculture is in a bind,
And the erratic stock market
Is not far behind;
Daily living is in a decline -

The long-term effects will begin to wreck
Storehouses and granaries of systems
That have previously been held In check.

Vast fields now lay barren
The ground not producing or giving Its yield;
Many a dried stalk Is seen in a vacant field.
Windswept plains and flooded areas
Cause many to weep now and moan In hysteria.

Oh, people, in a vast nation -
When will you come to a realization?
That this Is no ordinary civilization
No century In the history of man will have viewed the
Cataclysmic events coming to this land.

Quickly! Rapidly! Come unto Me,
And I will cover you and shelter you from what Is to be;
I will give you victory and number you -

As those who overcome have nothing to lose.
Many battles will be fought and not won
By those who do not trust and worship the Son.

Oh, plush livelihoods and comfort zones Will be leaving for some, And for a few, already gone;
Expensive vacations and lavish entertainment
Will be events of the past, no longer spent.

The thin thread holding the old ways
Will soon break,
And you will know without a doubt

Technology, skills and dependence upon machines
Have disarmed modern man's ability to survive
For the oncoming time when it will take all to stay alive.

There is something coming upon the earth
That is going to change the predictions and goals of man.
Something new that I've warned you of by my prophets beforehand.

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JoAnne Glasco