Hireling Shepherds

Oh, My people, Credibility is what I desire - My vessels who bring My heavenly word Are being tested and tried by a heated fire. For those who have leaned on the arm of the flesh - No more news from the Great I AM; Prophets will wander barren areas as in the days prior to Abraham. No words from Me will be released to those who have no ear to hear. Days of darkness will prevail Where they will experience a deluge of worry, torment, and fear. Those lost will be groping about In a world filled with arrogance and violence - Previous words given to the lost and dying sheep have fallen on deaf ears as they continue to sleep. The continuous blowing of the trumpet blast has not awakened them, alsas - alas! The clouds of deception hang so thickly over humanity - And still there is a nation of people Who are listening to satan's lies and are doing what is wise in their own eyes. Art thou not a servant of My right hand Who is to proclaim My mesage to the poor and dying land? Now, I will hide My face from those who once desired My Deity for the human race. Oh, Nation - so absorbed in self-made decisions Know that I still have an appointed vision for the Gospel to be spread, Announcing that Jesus has been raised form the dead.

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JoAnne Glasco