The Overcomer's Reward - (Heaven)

by Jo Ann Glasco

There is a new day coming!
A day when all the doubts and fears
That were accumulated by us
throughout all these years
will be blown away by the Spirit wind

A new land I give to you
A new place that I will take you to
There will be a rest in the arms of the Almighty
and human cares and sorrows will disappear
as it preceeds a storm, thunder, and lightning

For some, a remnant
I will calm all turbulence in the breast
and bring to the realization and transformation
This special place in me that brings true trust and rest

I will be your supplier
Spiritual and worldly weights will be removed
As I bring about the comforts and rewards due
to a Spiritual Jew

You will see me

I will take you through the fire
And I will carry you on My back
to a safe place where theyre will be no lack

Do not fear as the judgements
bring great destruction to some
For you are My people
the ones that I love, the pupil of My eye
Wouldn't I surely see you live and not die?

You will see My glory
as you have heard and read about in the old, old story
You will be traveling in a realm
where your feet are placed on higher ground

As He travels the King's highway
with the rainment of the royal priesthood
Wars and worldly frays
will not be a problem in this day.

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JoAnne Glasco