It Is Time

by Jo Ann Glasco

It is time for the nation
to bow down to God
and His existing creation
acknowledge Him and behold His majesty

The salvation message has been preached
to the four corners of the earth.
Everyone that is accountable and still alive
has had an opportunity
to hear of our Christ's birth.

He would now say unto the world
Come unto Me and receive Me
And I will set you free.

Your blinded eyes will be open
and the god of this world that darkens your mind
will have to release his hold on your life
and your soul will be set free
from torment, trouble, and strife.

Modern man is no different than the ancients of old
They always desire the good life and keep their personal gods
My Word is the standard
and the majority won't walk in what they've been told

If you are acquainted with someone sleeping
Shake them, shout, call to alert, blow the trumpet in their ears.
Tell them to repent and acknowledge My Word
Warn them that a time of destruction is near
and their ability to stand and survive
will depend on their ability to hear.

This is the time of the gathering up of the Spiritual Jew
People in My remnant
prepare for the separating of the firmament.

Oh precious ones, enjoy these hours
for the ministers are few.
I have a special word for some of you
Those of you who still have to choose
the clock is ticking away

Remember how to work and walk
While it is still day
How much will you give?
When it takes all to live

How much will you save for me?
When there are so many things in the world tempting thee
How much of the self life will you yield?
When so much of your time, the enemy does steal.

Get a revelation
for the bride groom does come
Without an invitation
Jesus is coming back

Do you have your bags packed?

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JoAnne Glasco