The New Decade
by Jo Ann Glasco

Know ye not that this is the time for Y2K?
My blessed children it is not very far away
This has been a very troubled year
and yet haven't I brought you through -- even in tears?

Y2K is a state of mind leading people to preparedness
Yes, there is going to be a change upon the earth
The time will be soon after my son's birth
There will be fear, there will be panic
But those who live in Me and I in them, need not to be frantic

Consider all that I've done for my chosen ones
Think on the covenant and the conditional promises that I've made
If you know them, and have them in your heart
The grounds for survival have already been laid

For it is still not time for the ark to depart
Carrying these children of mine
to a place, point in time

As you watch the media scenes and the broadcasters scream
Lean into Me and I will guide you by My eye and by My Spirit
for surely you will hear it.

For your hearts have been prepared
and now, you are to contine to battle the prince of the air
for He has staged great warfare

No one is exempt
from the diabolical snaves and darts of this imp.

The hour is so late
Do not hesitate

Instructions will be on the way
And when you hear them, don't delay!

The seriousness of the times is printed in this rhyme.
Yes, there is still some time

Consider the harvest, for it will be great
many new ones will come through the gates

Though the hour is very late
To gather them in from a life of sin

This is not a time of hoarding, barrackading, and boarding
This is not at time of foolishness and looking at the circumstance
This is not a time of staying glued to the television and internet

For sons and daughters I did beget
Servants will be sent out to bring in those
Who await in the highways and hedges.
They are still there yet

Those who have been considered throw aways
I will bypass those who have been too busy
To heed and hearken to My voice in these last days

DO NOT FEAR this New Year
For you have a call and each one has a purpose
Things are not always as they appear to be on the surface.

Look ahead, not to the left and to the right
for surely you will sink out of sight
unless a Good Samaritan comes by and pulls you into the light.

Now, I have most everyone's attention
There are only a few things that I would mention

My watchmen have been crying out loudly this decade
Mortal man is still in denial,
and would like to hide their heads in the sand.

For those of My people who have made the right choice
I would say, Rejoice! Rejoice!
Your Redeemer is here. He is near.
All that you must do is receive Me.
Take My hand and I will hold you
as you obey My commands. Selah!

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JoAnne Glasco