Peace!  Peace!  
Where There Is No Peace!
by Jo Ann Glasco

The Lord God of hosts is not willing to boast
of the fulfilling of ongoing prophesy.

But the papers and media are full of confirmation of things already gone, and are to be for all men to see.

We can see the signs of old Palestine and Jerusalem, that great city.
Failing right in line with what the prophets of old proclaimed
and wrote many lines in this Bibical book of Mine.

Nation against nation, rage and war.
With problems that realty don't matter to anyone anymore.

Little do they see,
they are conveniently controlled
by the same demonic host of old  
that plundered old Jerusalem, Ninevah, and Babylon,
all now destroyed for evermore.

The Philistines, Assyrians, Hitites, and Chaldeans
plundered so many people, cities, and dwellings
that the ancient writers lost score.

Inhabitants of the earth.
Look to the old prophets
and see that the Lord God of Israel,
still considers our great worth.

Even though we are still only a vapor on this great creation.
He still cares for each soul in every nation.

Dear readers don't you see?
That leaves are now changing colors on the fig tree?
The tiny country of Israel (peacefully)
has now surrendered her borders
to the New World Order.

She has given away that great territory
that the Holy One of Israel gave her as an inheritance,
in the Abrahamic Covenant of the former days.

The word from the Creator blasts through the country
From every kind of trumpet known to man.
Yet, they still bend their necks
as their stubborn ancestors beforehand,
and eventually the enemy comes to shackle
the arms and legs with bands.

The Israelites had one last Jew
who stood in the gap as one chosen to be true.
God gave favor to this man whose lineage
ran back to the leaders of old.

This man was Benjamin Netanyahu whose true value is beyond gold.

Netanyahu's name is written in God's book of life and his good deeds are recorded in the divine book of remembrances. Past sins and faults are erased and to God, his errors appear to be only as a common mortal man's mistakes.

Yet he, Netanyahu, will go down in later history, as Israel's true, full armored Jew. For he was wise, and didn't compromise. He stepped down, and in eternity will wear a crown......... Selah!

Peace, peace, land for peace!

Haven't Arafat, Mubarak, Assad, Hussein, Gadhafi, and Barak learned?
There will be no peace in now what is called the Middle East.

While looking at ancient maps
one could see that this vast territory
was God's gift to his 12 tribes.

An inheritance that was so precious
It has now been stolen and demolished by mans greed and bribes.

Oh where are the Gideons, Moses, and Abrahams?
King David had the lineage of the greatest man on earth.

Where are our Joshuas and Calebs?
Who took every foot of ground by Father Gods Holy Word?

Would God choose a natural man once again,
to raise up and posses the Land?
This land that has slipped from the Jewish hand?
That has now become the enemies habitation?
This vast country of rock and sand?
Which will once again hold the children of Israel in captivation?

God did send his Son, His name is Jesus.
To seek and find the lost sheep of Israel.
He sent his Son to seek and save
a dying world from a dark and endless grave.

The true Jew is alive and well
and is still looking for laborers
to tell, the gospel to mortal man.

Who is bound for a burning hell? Who knows?

I can feel the tribulation waters lapping around my toes
and the soft brush of the Apocalyptic horses velvety nose.

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JoAnne Glasco