I Have Called You

I have called you to a royal priesthood.
I have called you to take My word to the nations
And declare that My Son's coming is very near.

My calls are not received by many to hear --
Carnal minded men draw back in fear;
They cannot pretend to not know
For the call is in their spirit where It does not show.

I have called a people who choose to walk with Me
Over the lands and territory of the enemy.
They will not draw back in fear at My command
For they will have the sword of the spirit in their hand.

I have called you in the quiet of the night season
For My voice is loud and clear;

To shun and ignore Me you have no reason
My ways and purposes have been made known in your spirit
You will be equally yoked with all of those who will bear it.

The bridegroom is not late.
He will come for those who come when they are called.
There will be few, for the way of selfless sanctification
Is not popular at all.

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JoAnne Glasco