My sons and daughters, My children
Delight yourselves in Me;
Praise Me - Rejoice in all things
Let Me be the heartfelt expression of your very being,

I want to love you and express that love
By bestowing My favor;
My gifts are boundless and greater,
And you will experience them fully if you don't waiver.

Pass My tests - Go through life's many tribulations -
Pray for one hour, and I will deliver you from temptation.
When you think on Me all day,
All life's troubles and cares will pass away.

Think of yourselves as a bride in preparation -
You are engaged to the soon-coming Messiah.
He is eager to greet the ones yielded in a life of consecration
For those spiritual virgins who know the Son by daily association.

Return to your first love with the Lord of Lords
Be consumed with His thoughts and deeds
So that your whole purpose in life will be looking forward
To the time in which you will reflect His image
To all who are in need.

With great urgency press in
Immediately to the high calling without delay.
A moment's hesitation or procrastination could
Mean a lamp not filled with oil on that day.

Oh, Church, heed the warnings! Heed the trumpet's blast!
My desire is for you to cast aside your idols and cares
Everything that you are holding onto,
that in eternity will not last -
Hearken! Change your ways!

For these are the last of the last days.

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JoAnne Glasco