The Watchman's Lament

I am telling you ahead of time that an earthquake is coming.
I am telling you beforehand. The earth will quake in this land;
Prepare and take heed for upon many this judgment will fall,
And it's destructive effects will be seen and felt by all.

Mortal man has gone beyond the line where judgments set in motion
Can't be prevented in time, not evern by prayers of devortion.
Identify and compare with the Israelites in Moses' day;
Hide yourself in Me and flee from worldly contamination.
I will allow this to pass over while you abide in consecration.

The storms will blow and wreck devastation on the land
That once was blessed and covetously admired;
A land once steeped in promises and prayerful supplication
Now awaits a billowy fire.

The economy is threatening to fail; Believe it so,
My judgemtns here will prevail.
It is only a small matter of time
When the money runs out and man's attention will be mine.

Modern technology is a disgrace to the human race;
It is not my plan for man to take the blueprint from My hands.
This idol has become a god, this creation with no face.

No marks from this world shall my people bear.
Spiritual adultery is in the air;
Wild deceptions have been bought by those asleep
Humanist spirituality and new Age religions
Have been embraced by My sheep.

Oh, desolation, desolation upon this nation I've proclaimed.
Be ready! Be prepared! Those I've called by My Holy Name.
Be ready! Be prepared for the wrath poured out.
There will be no time after this begins to reclaim
Instructions and callings you once held in disdain.

Too late! --- Too late! Once I have begun to desolate;
Take advantage of the time for the hour is late! Don't wait!

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JoAnne Glasco