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"God Preparing a People For Service"
by George Kirkpatrick


As we come to the end of the age, God is in the process of calling a people unto Himself to be used mightily in the time that lies directly ahead of us. But it has been very difficult for people to see what God is doing because they have been taught that their only hope is in a "False Rapture" or dying and going to heaven. They do not see the hope God reveals in the Bible, 

"Christ in you, The Hope of Glory." Colossians 1:27

Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the living God, is our hope of Glory. All through history, God has raised up men to do His mighty works in every generation. He has that people in the earth today.

God is preparing ministers for the time that is coming. Many are being prepared for this ministry and they are not even aware of it. They know they are not part of anything that is happening now. They have heard God's voice, but no one is willing to listen to what God is revealing to them. So they wait for God to bring this revelation to light. God has His special calling in them and they have become willing vessels for His Kingdom's use.

Let's consider 3 men whom God prepared for His Kingdom's use:

1      Elisha
2      Moses
3      Paul


The first mention of Elisha is in I Kings 19. Elisha was out plowing in the field with His companions. He had the 12th yoke of oxen. Elisha was not the one out in front leading, but was in the back, unnoticed in all the dust that was being created by the first eleven, I Kings 19:19.

When Elijah came by, he knew who he was looking for. When he passed Elisha, he cast his mantle on Elisha's shoulders. The mantle was generally a sheep's fleece with the wool turned outward; and was the sign of the office of prophet. It was used also as a protection from the elements. This was the call of God in Elisha's life and Elisha answered this call immediately.

Elisha had been given the mantle of "prophet", but he was not yet ready to follow Elijah and be totally in God's service. 
There were three things in Elisha's life which had to be dealt with.

We do not serve a God that teaches hate; (Hate in this respect means "to love less") but if there is anything in our life that we love more than God, (this includes mother and father, and so forth) we cannot be His disciple. Elisha was not ready to answer to this call of God. 

Elisha was still entangled with the affairs of life. Before God can use us, it is necessary to sever all attachments to the world.

Elisha still had obligations and responsibilities in the world. These responsibilities had to be taken care of before he could answer God's call. When he tried to follow Elijah, Elijah said, "What have I done (to do with) to thee?" 

Elijah was well aware that Elisha could not be the man that God desired him to be until he separated himself from his family, his ties to the world and his worldly responsibilities. 

Elisha was willing to separate himself from all those things that he might be used by God. He became a vessel fitted for use in the Kingdom.


Moses was another man whom God prepared for service. We all know the story of Moses: how he was born a special child and was raised in Pharaoh's house by Pharaoh's daughter. When Moses was 40, he went to look on his brother's burdens. When Moses saw an Egyptian smiting a brother Israelite, he killed and buried the Egyptian in the sand. Exodus 2:12

Moses knew he was a chosen vessel and he knew he was called to deliver God's people; but Moses, like so many today, went out to fulfill the calling of God in the flesh; and as many, ended up killing (speaking Spiritually) those whom God had intended them to help. 

Moses had to flee to Midian. For the next 40 years of his life, he tended sheep for his father-in-law, Jethro. 

God was not finished with Moses. God placed Moses on the backside of the desert, a place of dryness. Yet, in the distance God revealed a mountain where Moses would meet God. As Moses went, an angel spoke unto him out of the burning bush. Moses made a decision. He said,  "I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt." Exodus 3:3 

God was watching Moses. Was Moses so engrossed with his life and the things of the world that he had forgotten his calling after 40 years? Was Moses so far removed from the calling in his life, or was the desire to serve God still burning in a corner of his heart?

As a shepherd, Moses' obligation was to tend Jethro's sheep. By this work, he supported his wife and two sons. But all of Moses' responsibilities had to wait because there was something that had gotten Moses' attention; something out of the ordinary. When this revelation became real to him, he put aside all his earthly plans.

"And when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I." Exodus 3:4 

When God saw that Moses turned aside, God spoke to him out of the burning bush. Moses recognized His voice. Many today desire to hear God's voice, but they are unwilling to turn aside to view the supernatural. They are so taken up in their daily activities that they never come to the holy ground of God. The calling God has in their lives is never utilized; as in the Parable of the Sower. 

If we are to be those ministers to whom God has called, we must turn aside to hear God's voice. After God explained the special calling in his life, Moses returned to Jethro. 

Moses was 80 years old at this time. Moses, unlike Jacob who had also been a shepherd and had accumulated a large quantity of sheep and much wealth, had no earthly wealth, nor did he have flocks. He was free from all earthly ties and was free to do God's will. When Jethro said to go in peace, Moses departed with his wife and children and went to Egypt. Moses was ready to answer God's call.


Paul was another man whom God had to prepare for service. Paul was a man who was a keeper of the law. He was very learned in religion and religious customs. But, from the beginning, Paul was a chosen vessel of God.

Paul was a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee, Acts 23:6. Paul was taught the law at the feet of Gamaliel, Acts 22:3. Gamaliel was a doctor of the law and held the title of Rabban and was called the "Beauty of the Law". Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews, Philippians 3:5.

Paul also had a zeal to serve God. He showed this by persecuting the church, Philippians 3:6. The prophesy of Jesus in John 16:2 was fulfilled by Paul when, with great zeal to serve God, he persecuted the church. But because Paul's zeal was of the flesh, it could not be used. Those... " the flesh cannot please God," Romans 8:8.

Paul had all the religious credentials. He stated that, as... "...touching the righteousness which is in the law, blameless," Philippians 3:6.

Paul followed the law, kept all the religious ceremonies, followed the Pharisee religion to the letter; but God could use none of these things.

Man, through his zeal to serve God, continues to try to please God in the flesh. But Paul was to meet God on the road to Damascus. Paul had obtained warrants for the arrest of all Christians in Damascus. With all the zeal Paul knew, he was on his way to that city to rid all those he was sure had defiled the Word of God and had rejected their old religious ways.

As Paul journeyed, a bright light shown from heaven. Paul later described this light as being brighter than the sun. Jesus identified Himself as the one whom Paul was persecuting. I am sure Paul was perplexed as to how he was persecuting Jesus. Jesus' name was not on the warrants in his possession. But we learn that, when we come against God's people, we are coming against Jesus, Himself. 

Paul was prostrate before the Lord. Before God can use us, we must first learn to hear His voice and be willing to prostrate ourselves before Him. This experience ruined Paul's religion. It changed the whole direction of Paul's life. When he got up from the earth, Paul was blind. This was not only a physical blindness, but a Spiritual blindness. 

When Ananias came and Paul received his sight, scales fell from Paul's eyes. Paul had been Spiritually blind all his life because of religion, but when Ananias prayed, Paul's Spiritual blindness ended. He received his Spiritual sight. 

When the Holy Ghost came upon Paul, those scales fell from Paul's eyes. This was the vail that was upon Paul's mind. Paul later wrote this to the Corinthians. 

Many today still have that vail on their minds when they read the Old Testament. Only when they come to Christ, the Holy Spirit, will the scales drop from their eyes.

God desires the scales to be removed so we may see His Word, not through the precepts and doctrines of men, but as revealed by His Spirit. Many cannot see Jesus in the Old Testament.

After Paul's eyes were opened, he recognized Jesus as the same God whom their fathers had worshipped. Now Paul could state:  

Many today would have us believe that God changed from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Paul also stated he believed all things written in the law and the Prophets, Acts 24:14. The law is the writings of Moses. The Prophets authored the balance of the Old Testament.

Paul further stated...  "...none other things than those which the prophets and Moses (the law) did say should come." Acts 26:22

Therefore, before Paul could be used of God, he had to become obedient to God's voice. The scales had to be removed from his eyes by the Spirit and he had to come to Spiritual understanding concerning the Old Testament.

God has given an outline to those who desire to be in His service. We must first know His voice and come into the obedience of that voice. We must turn aside from our worldly endeavors. All attachments to the earth and their worldly obligations must be sacrificed unto the Lord. We must come to the place where family cannot hold us back from doing what God has called us to do. Our walk with God and our understanding in His Word, both Old and New Testament, must be by the Spirit. Jesus said,

Our understanding in the Word must be by the Spirit. Jesus' Words were Spiritual. 

Therefore, the Holy Spirit inspired it and the Holy Spirit must reveal it. 

Elisha, Moses and Paul each received rewards for their service to God. Each had their own special request, or a special promise from God. 


When Elijah asked Elisha what he desired, Elisha's desire was a double portion outpouring of the Spirit that was in Elijah's life. He desired a double portion outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Elisha received his request when he saw Elijah taken, II Kings 2.


God has also given us the promise of the double portion outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This is foretold in the Early and Latter Rain.

God will endow His precious fruit of the earth with the Early and Latter Rain. The Early Rain was poured out at Pentecost, Acts 2:4. But God is going to pour out, not only the Early Rain, but also the Latter Rain.

When will this be? Hosea tells us we will receive the Early and Latter Rain after 2 days.

It has been less than 2 days since Jesus left the earth. 

Joel reveals that we will receive this Early and Latter Rain in the first month,  Joel 2:23.

As Elisha desired the double portion outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we also should desire to be in a place to receive this outpouring of the Spirit. Jesus told His disciples, 

Only those who were obedient to His voice received the outpouring of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. If we are to receive the double portion outpouring of the Spirit as God has promised, we, too, must be obedient to His voice. Elisha received his promise when he saw Elijah taken by a mighty whirlwind.

Elisha tore off his old clothes. They were no longer suitable. The old clothes symbolized the flesh. When the "Elijah mantle", the double portion of the Holy Spirit comes, it will not be received upon the flesh; but it will come when this flesh is changed. [see "Anointed For The Greater Works Ministry" by George Kirkpatrick]

After the second day, on the first of the month, or the beginning of the 3rd day which is the beginning of the 1000 year millennium, God's chosen will receive the double portion outpouring of the Holy Spirit; and we will live in His sight. 


God's promise to Moses was... 

We know Gods promises are true. When Jesus was transfigured on the Mount, both Moses and Elijah were there with Jesus, Matthew 17:3.


We also have the promise of ruling in that mountain with Jesus. That mountain is Mt. Sion, the Heavenly Jerusalem, Hebrews 12:22.

The Heavenly Jerusalem is our promise from God; to those who have the hope of glory in Christ. God also reveals that we will rule and reign with him 1000 years, Revelation 20:6. This will be from... 

And as Moses was promised that he would serve God on that mountain, our promise is to rule and reign from that mountain as the priests of God.


Paul's promise was a Crown of Righteousness. 


We, too, are promised a crown. 

We are also told to be faithful unto death; and if we do, we will receive the crown of life. Revelation 2:10

God is preparing His people for service now, and we are called, but the question remains: Will we be among the chosen? Matthew 22:14

God's desire at this time is to prepare a people so that when the call to service comes, they will be free from all worldly entanglements, worldly obligations and encumbrances that would keep them from God's service.

In the book of Matthew, five of the 10 virgins were not ready to enter in. When the bridegroom returned, the door was shut. Those who were not prepared were not part of the Marriage Supper. Matthew 25

As God prepared Elisha, Moses and Paul for His service, so is He now preparing those who are called in this hour. If we are to be the Chosen Ones, we must answer that call immediately. Now is the Day of Preparation so that when the call comes to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, we, like Moses, can go immediately; not having to separate ourselves from those things that tie us to the earth.

We know by God's Word that many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 20:16

Today is the day to prepare for God's service. God is about to do the supernatural. Those who will not turn aside from their daily activities will not hear the voice which spoke from the bush.


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