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Of all the new diseases that are around; cancer, legionnaires, hepatitis and aids; the disease that is affecting the body the most these days, is the oldest disease on the face of the earth.

It is called Prideitis. And even though Prideitis is centered in self, it affects the whole body and if not corrected, can divide and separate the body.

Prideitis is responsible for the beginning of a new religion. Religions always end up as 'isms; Buddhism, Mormonism, Catholicism, Hinduism; but Prideitis always belongs to the religion of Selfism. It has a small congregation; generally only one member, but it attends every meeting.

Prideitis, though it is centered in self, generally affects the whole body. The four main areas of the body it affects is: it limits the outreach, it hinders giving, it is very noticeable when there is work to be done and it has a devastating affect on fellowship.

Prideitis has the same chronic symptoms as sin. It has "I" as the center. Prideitis has another symptom and that is a definite stiffening of the knees causing them to no longer bend at the time of prayer.

There is only one known cure for Prideitis and it is called Humility. It must be administered by the Great Physician and it comes in many humbling doses. It is according to how deep the disease of Prideitis is rooted in the body which determines how many humbling doses it will take.

The treatment is free and is called "chastening". The Great Physician has promised He will not cease treatment until the disease is completely eradicated.

I might add, there is another treatment for the disease. It is called "repentance"; but not many are willing to try it because of the stiffening of the knees.

The new diseases, which I mentioned before, have brought fear and terror to the world, but we have the promise of the Great Physician that, if we do as He says, He will bring none of these diseases on His body.

Yet, the disease His Body has to fear the most is Prideitis. It is not fatal; or is it?

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