Be Prepared With
Emergency Rations

- Dehydrated individual soup mixes

Prepared versions like Cup-a-Soup work well but are bulky. You can make your own compact lightweight packets by wrapping powdered mixes in heavyduty foil or two layers of light foil.

- Bouillon cubes

- Protein bars

- Beef jerky

- Tropical chocolate bars (high melting point)

- Semisweet baking chocolate (not suitable for warm weather)

- Salt tablets

- Glucose tablets

- Hard candy

- Sesame snaps

- Various seeds and nuts

- Raisins

- Individual hot chocolate mix (bulky and heavy)

- Teabags. Use the kind wrapped in paper envelopes because uncovered bags tear easily and scatter tea all through the ration pack.

- Freeze-dried coffee or tea in single serve packets

- Instant fruit juice. Hand wrap in single serve foil packets.

- Sugar cubes

- Sugar in individual packets

- Cream substitute in individual packets

- Powdered milk, hand wrapped in foil

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