The Shepherd's Purse

God has given us every herb for medicine


Here are some remedies to keep being in the outdoors safe:

cause symtoms what to do... area found
hypothermia mild to severe indications :
1. uncontrollable shivering, skin pale & numb
2. person behaves confused, forgetful
3. person acts tired, wants to sit or lie down
4. person goes unconscious, has shallow breath and erratic heartbeat
5. pulse weakens and slows, death can occur
prevention is the best treatment: pair up with someone who will watch for these signs in you and you do the same for them. At the first signs of hypothermia, take them immediately to a warm, dry place and give them hot liquids (not alcohol). If the hypothermia has gone beyond the first stage, get medical help as soon as possible as this can be a life threatening condition! anytime the temperature gets below freezing
frostbite mild to sever indications:
1. skin on nose. ears, fingers, toes & face feels prickly because it is so cold.
2. The skin then gets numb and waxy-looking patches appear.
3.Patches get lumpy, redden, blister, skin dies and falls off.
at the first signs, warm the area immediately. Cover with clothing or tuck (hands and feet) into clothing or armpits to prevent further cooling. For severe frost-bite, seek medical help immediately! anytime the temperature goes below freezing
Stinging Nettle small white itchy bumps on affected area make a paste of baking soda and water and apply directly to the area. Prevent exposure by learning to recognize this plant and wearing long pants and sleeves coastal rainforest
Tree Pitch sticky stuff in hair or pet fur rub any of the following into hair to remove it quickly without having to cut it out: peanut butter, mineral oil, vegetable oil, baby oil, nail polish remover, mink oil, Avon "Skin so soft", "Goo Off" all areas
Skunk Spray terrible smell on body & clothes mix 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Mix the three ingredients together and use immediately. The chemical reaction produced from these ingredients lasts only a limited time. If you use this formula be sure to rinse off with water. Do not let the solution soak for more than a few minutes. all areas
Leeches attached to skin after coming out of fresh water shake salt on the leeches and they will fall off any fresh water bodies
Ticks apple seed-like attachment to skin grab tick at the base as close to its burried head as possible and pull it out with tweezers. Apply alcohol to area. Preserve tick in alcohol (film cannister works well) for a few weeks until you are sure there is no sign of Lymes disease. Prevent attachment by wearing hat, long pants and sleeves when in natural areas. Check armpits, groin area, in hair and behind ears daily. all areas but more frequent in dry interior
Poison Ivy itchy area with swelling wash with soap and water and apply "Calamine Lotion". Prevent exposure by learning to recognize this plant and wearing long pants and sleeves. dry interior, rockies
Mosquito itchy red swelling at bite location apply "After bite", Calamine lotion or baking soda paste. Prevent by keeping skin covered and applying insect repellant or citronella all areas
Bee sting red swollen area at sting site remove stinger (it contains a venom sac which continues to pump venom) by scraping off with fingernail or knifeblade and apply a baking soda paste on area. Keep person inactive for awhile to watch for further reaction. If person is allergic, use Anakit or Epipen and call 911. all areas
Wasp red swelling at sting area apply vinegar or lemon juice to the neutralize the sting. To prevent, make sure all left over fruits and vegetables are in a bag so wasps are not attracted to the area. all areas

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