The History of the American Home

                                                                                                            by George Kirkpatrick                                                                                                                                                   

In 1962, prayer was removed from our schools because an atheist did not want her son to be exposed to God. Through her unrelentless attacks, all religious observations were removed from all public schools in America. We have lived to suffer the consequences!

Now our children live in terror as they go to school. The streets around the school are clogged with predators. Now police must ride the school busses and walk the halls of many schools armed with weapons to protect the students. Children must pass through metal detectors before entering the school. Some must insert a plastic card to open the doors to their classrooms. Mothers now arm their children for protection. When caught with these weapons, they are expelled. The teachers are not any better. In the past five years, there has been twenty-five hundred cases of teachers having sex with their students. That figures out to be about six per week. Perhaps that is why they pass out birth control pills, all the way down to fifth grade, to eleven year old girls. In doing so, schools, in reality, are giving consent to the students' sexual activities.

Television violence has become the stage for students to copy. Kill! Kill! Kill! is the result. Every network covers these heinous crimes, creating more and more violence in our youth. Colleges and universities are no better. They have become the place for drunken parties and sex orgies. Bars are placed on many campuses, which further encourage drinking and drunkenness. Many colleges have become recruiting grounds for Moslem and other terrorist groups. The Moslems are intent upon taking over this nation. There are over twenty-five hundred mosques in this nation. These are financed by foreign nations. These mosques have become terrorist training camps, where large weapons are stashed to use against those who oppose their anti-god system. Their motto is "Convert! Or be killed! Or end up in slave camps!" The law enforcement will not raid these mosques because they consider them holy.

Can God bless a nation when men of corrupt minds are continually on rape, sexual abuse to babies, and display their unthinkable acts on the internet? Can God bless a nation where homosexuals rape and murder thousands of innocent youth, then hide their bodies to cover their terrible crimes? Then, we wonder why God's hand of judgment is on this nation, and why those with a reprobate mind go unpunished in the corrupt justice system. The whole news system is controlled, so only the news that suits the owners of the new's services are allowed to be printed or aired. The medical profession, which is backed by the drug companies kill multiplied thousands with their laxity in prescribing drugs. Prescription drugs are indiscriminantly given to movie stars and sports stars such as basketball players, baseball players, and even wrestlers. These prescribed drugs are killing many, and ruining the lives of many more. Children in school are given drugs to keep them calm and docile, but these same drugs cause the children to become violent, have murderous hallucinations, and even cause suicide in unprecedented numbers in our youth. Mental hospitals are filled with such cases where drugs - - - legal and illegal - - - have destroyed the minds of the users.

Witchcraft and other satanic arts are taught in our public schools, colleges, and universities. What started seemingly innocently with cartoons such as the smurfs and others, rapidly progressed to the required reading of the satanic Harry Potter books in the public schools. Supposedly innocent Halloween parties, with all their satanic art and the Harry Potter books have often led children to practice all types of witchcraft and satanic arts, and now they can learn all these diabolical practices on the internet. Video games, such as "Dungeons and Dragons" have a profound affect on teen violence.

Ask yourself, can you honestly say your children are learning to refuse the evil and choose the good? Are we equipping our children with the ability to discern between right or wrong, or have we left this responsibility to the Sunday school, the church and to the publics schools? Have we left off the directive in Psalms and Isaiah:

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord." Psalm 127:3

"And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children." Isaiah 54:13

What has happened to God centered homes in our nation? When this nation began, people sought God daily in their homes, in local governments, and in the federal government. In the home, each day began with prayer. The town hall meetings always began by asking for God's help and guidance. School assemblies began with prayer. School classes had their time of prayer and the pledge of allegiance. Even the federal government meetings began by asking God's guidance and direction in the decisions they had to make. How far we have fallen as a nation, in our school systems, and in our homes. When we practiced these simple truths, we truly were a nation that did righteousness.

Many in our day allow their children to view all the violence and evil on the television, then wonder why their children have become so violent. Pre-teens commit murder just to see how it feels. Respect for other's property and God is non-existent. Murders happen right before our eyes, and we are so hardened by all the violence, we do not even flinch. Truly the young and adult's feet alike have run to evil and their thoughts are on evil and wickedness continually. The lust for violence has pervaded this land, until all that is seen and heard is violence, sex, drugs and every other kind of mayhem. Television, movies, rock music, magazines, smut newspapers, even the internet is filled with violence and perversion of every sort. Sex is perverted to the place where our children growing up do not know what is proper and what is not. Young girls have sex before their teen years because this is all they know about being an adult.

Lying has almost become an art form. When someone stands up for truth, they are shouted down or ignored. This is so very true in the legal system and politics. Even the children have learned lying, cheating, and stealing from the many perverted sit-coms on television. The so-called soap operas have all but obliterated the normal life style in this nation. Marriage was once a holy institution - - - protected and honored. The soap operas have made marriage a mockery. Today, instead of marriage being a holy institution, it has become an archaic idea. And so "shacking up" is the order of the day. Now violating the marriage vows is fashionable. Having an affair is expected. Even wife-swapping has become the rage of the age. How God's heart must break when He views how man has made a mockery of His Word and His trust.

Many today would rather see their children go into witchcraft, drugs, and become sexually active (fornication), then to have them have anything to do with the living God. Parents go merrily on their way, while rock and roll music invades their homes, perverting the minds of their children. There are no restraints on what they do, listen, and watch. Their only remorse comes when the children get into trouble, wind up in the hospital from an overdose, or have to pay for the abortion of their unwanted grandchild.

We need to become uncompromising parents of God's heritage, seeking the Lord daily how the Lord would have us to teach our children and bring them into life and peace.

Choose life for your household! 

Through the justice system, this nation has legally killed over fifty million of our unborn through abortion. Should we pray for America, knowing God declared in the time of Manasseh, He would never forgive the shedding of innocent blood? Hitler only killed six million. Would those who wish to pray for America have prayed for God to bless Hitler in his vile acts? God will never forgive these abominations. Why, then, should we pray for God's blessing on such a nation as this?

This nation legislated to remove prayer from the public school system as the law of the land. Should we pray for God to bless America in spite of this travesty? There have been millions upon millions of children who have been taught it is against this nations' laws to pray, hold Bible studies, or even mention the name of our God in the schools. Should we pray for America, even though she has spoken these abominable things into being? Yet, witchcraft can be taught, and every false religion can have their input. Some schools even provide prayer mats for the Moslem children. Should we pray for America, knowing these facts?

The home is the foundation of any nation. Let's look at the way the home, the very core of a nation, exists today. The prophet Isaiah foretold what the family would become:

"As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them, O My people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." Isaiah 3:12

God's destroying wind began to blow upon the home during and after the Second World War. It was during this time that the government created the image of `Rosie the Riveter' which lead the house wife out of the kitchen into the work place. The women worked to make tanks, ships, uniforms, air planes, combat boots, ammunition, and everything needed by the military for the war.

Women became the bread winners in the home, and because of this the children came home to a bowl of cereal and a coke, because mom had to work. The children became what was known as `turn key kids' because they came home to an empty house.

When the men came home from the war, many could not find a job because their old jobs had been filled by women. If they did find a job, it was generally a low paying job, because the women had seniority. When the men wanted to become the bread winners again, this caused many problems because the women liked their independence of not having to depend on the husband for her support.

Many men who returned from World War Two had many physical problems. They were missing eyes, limbs, and suffered from many wounds. Of course there were the mental problems. They suffered shell shock, bad dreams, and drug use. This again caused much strain upon the home and the home became a battle ground which only strained the marriage further. It was the children who suffered the most, because they had no secure place to live. Because of this many children joined gangs, which led to trouble with the law, and many became hardened criminals.

Many of the husbands who returned from the war who were not wounded, wanted to recapture the years that had been lost, so both husband and wife worked so they could have a nice home, a nice car, and all the luxuries life had to offer. Again, this led to conflict in the home. Instead of one purse, the husband and wife now had separate bank accounts. Problems arose as to who would pay what bills and where the money was to be spent.

Home life began to deteriorate, and God's destroying wind of judgment began to blow upon marriages. When ever we violate God's will, His Word, and His way, then we can expect God's destroying winds of judgment to blow.

Marriages began to fail, and many because of these failures, did not even bother to get married. They simply began to shack up together with no commitment to each other. Those who chose to live this way did not live together long because there was no commitment. The man could leave, and the woman was left with the children. She had no way to support them, so this burden fell on the state. One popular song of the day contained the line "My sleeping bag is rolled up behind the couch."

How God's heart must be broken when He sees the mess man has made out of marriage. What a difference man has made in direct contrast to God's original commandment:

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." Genesis 2:24

May God have mercy upon the home!

Again, the children suffered because mom was too tired to prepare proper meals, so the family ate TV dinners in front of the television, and the family's health began to deteriorate.

All these developments, established the idea it was alright for women to work outside the home. God's destroying wind had done is work on the home because they had violated every standard God had set up in which the home was to operate.

"Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people, and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day long: and there shall be no might in thine hand." Deuteronomy 28:32

The home has further been invaded by rock and roll, acid rock, heavy metal, and other satanic forms of godless activities. The children are allowed to display godless, satanic images in their rooms. These satanic images are portrayed on the children's walls in the form of star posters of this perversion.

Many of these children go into witchcraft and crime to support their new found lifestyle. They become a thorn in the parent's soul.

Moses continues to speak about the family:

"Thou shalt beget sons and daughters, but thou shalt not enjoy them; for they shall go into captivity." Deuteronomy 28:41

The American family is no longer a blissful unit. Rather it is a battleground between the parents and children; even in their preteen years. Since the childrens' rights movement in the early "80's", sex education in the public school system, coupled with the access to drugs and alcohol, coupled with the fact that the rod of correction has been taken from the parent's hand by the government, where if the family corrects their children, they can be taken away by such agencies as the Department of Human Services or Children Services. Truly, the parents can no longer enjoy their children. The children have gone into captivity --- captivity to drugs and alcohol, and satanic music. Suicides are at an all time high with teens, and even with preteens.

This is because we have forsaken God and His commandments. He is no longer the head of the home. The American home has been rocked to the foundation. Divorce is over 50% and the number of unmarried living together has never been higher. Will we not turn back to God?

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