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Agrimony   agrimonia eupatoria

See Cautions below in RED

Contains:  Tannins, silica, essential oil,  bitter principles, flavonoids, minerals, Vitamins B
                and K

Parts Used:  Leaves and aerial parts

Actions:     Astringent, diuretic, tissue healer, stops bleeding, stimulates bile flow, some
                 antiviral activity

Use as:      Tea, tincture, poultice, wash, gargle

                 The dried tea has an apricot scent

                 Infused tea a gentle remedy, ideal for diarrhea, especially in infants and
                 children.  Can be taken by breastfeeding mothers to eliminate jaundice in

                 Tincture:  20 drops in 1/4 cup water 2 times daily
                 Tincutre more potent and drying than the infusion, and effective if the      
                 condition involves excess phlegm or mucus.  Use for cystitis, urinary              
                 infections, bronchitis, and heavy menstrual bleeding.

                 Poultice:  apply a poultice of the leaves for migraines

                 Wash:  Use infused tea for wounds, sores, eczema, and varicose ulcers

                 Eyewash:  Use a weak infusion (10g herb to 500 ml water) for conjunctivitis
                                 (pink eye)

                 Gargle:  Use the infusion for sore throats and nasal mucus.
                              Soothes inflamed gums and coughs

Important Information

Cooling astringent, aerial parts can be used for diarrhea, bronchitis, and urinary infections, to clear inflammations, phlegm, and toxins, and encourage healing.  Good for skin inflammations and ulcers. Stems bleeding from cuts because of its silica content. Heals bruises and sprains. Use for hard to heal sores, wounds, and vericose veins.

Because of its astringent qualities, it is exceelent to curb excessive menstrual flow.

As a spring tonic helps stimulate flow of bile and tones the liver, gall bladder, spleen, and kidneys.  

Aids in healing gastritis. Tonifies the entire gastro-intestinal system.

Inhibits selected viruses.


Because the herb is astringent,  (dries things up) do not take if suffering from constipation   

If using as a wound healer, avoid strong sunlight because it increases the risk of sunburn.

Watch for skin reactions if you apply to your skin.

Don't use if you are allergic to rose plants.

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