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Please Note:  Our medicinial herbs are meant to be used as a dietary supplement. Personal health matters should be discussed with an appropriate health care practitioner. The sole responsibility for the application of the information contained herein remains with the reader and user of this information.

Alfalfa    Medicago sativa

6.00 pound

See Cautions below in RED

Contains:   Alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, B-complex vitamins, calcium, chlorophyll,
                 copper, essential amino acids, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium,
                 protein, sodium, sulfur, zinc. Minerals are in balanced form to promote
                 absorption, Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K.   One of the richest sources of trace
                 elements.  (Must be used fresh to provide vitamins. Sprouts are especially

Parts Used:  Leaves, seeds, flower petals  

Actions:     Specific for vitamin deficiencies.  Alkalizes and detoxifies the body.  Acts as
                 a diuretic, eases inflammation, lowers cholesterol, balances hormones, and
                 promotes pituitary gland function. Also contains an antifungal agent. Good
                 for anemia, bleeding related disorders, bone and joint disorders, colon and
                 digestive disorders, skin disorders, and ulcers

Use as:      Tea

                 Alkalizing Tea - Alfalfa leaf, red clover tops, nettle leaf, horsetail (optional)
                 (helpful to neutrilize acid urine, uric acid, and kidney stones)

                 Sprout Juice - Gangrene (combine with alfalfa sprouts and wheat sprouts)

                 Bursitis Tea - Alfalfa, comfrey, and chapparal (soothes inflammation and
                 decreases soreness.

Important Information

Alfalfa  removes toxins, high blood pressure, Bright's Disease,
Tuberculosis, Toxemia, Rheumatism, Poor complexion and
eruptions.  Blod builder for teeth and bones.  Produces milk in nursing mothers.  Aids in the ellimination of drugs.  (This is powerful, so mix with other vegetable juics and drink 1/4 glass.

Alfalfa is a health builder.  Good for convalescence (appetite stimulant), gastritis, intestinal ulcers, eczema, anemia, body odor, bleeding gums, burns, athlete's foot, cancer, high cholesterol, morning sickness (estrogen), mild laxative, for prostate problems, arthritis, alcoholism, diabetes, burning on urination and urinary infections (alkalizes uric acid).

Menopause (phytoestrogen), Anti-bacterial against salmonella, heart and liver tonic, fungal infections, digestive system, rickets (use fresh or as sprouts).  Inactivates carcinogens  (cancer)in liver. Insomnia (nerve relaxant), allergies, excessive swellings and inflammation.

Because alfalfa contains Vitamin K it is an effective after birth tea for hemmorhaging.


Do not use if you have asthma because it can cause bronchial spasms.


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