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Anise   pimpinella anisum

See Cautions below in RED


Parts Used:   Dried ripe fruit

Actions:         Relaxing expectorant, antiseptic and carminative; good for irritant dry
                     coughs and bronchial infections.

Use as:          Tea:

                     Tincture:  1 - 2 ml tincture 3 x a day
                                    Combine with thyme or hyssop tincture in infections

                     Essential oil:  Drop 10 drops  in 25 ml carrier oil as a chest rub
                                         Drop 10 drops with eucalyptus oil as a chest rub

Important Information

Seeds aid digestion, quell nausea, and ease gas and colic.  

Use in cough mixtures, as it is expectorant and soothes spasms of irritant coughs and bronchial problems.

Promotes estrogen production and is used to encourage breast milk, and ease childbirth.

Increases liver regeneration.

Native to the Mediterranean


Always use tiny amounts of Anise Seed Essential Oil because the oil can be very toxic causing nausea, vomiting, and seizures. Always dilute well because using as little as 1 59 5 milliliters can be toxic.

Because of its estrogen content, do not use when pregnant.  

Use cautiously if you are prone to contact dermatitis or allergic reactions.

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