The Shepherd's Purse

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Arrow Root  maranta arundinacea

See Cautions below in RED


Parts Used:  2 - 3 drachms arrow root boiled in 1 pint water or milk makes a thin gruel, seasoned as deisred.  

Actions:       Nutritve, non irritating diet in convalscence for children and elderly people, and for those recovering from gastroenteritis and from fevers, irritations of the alimentary canal, pulmonary organs, and urinary infections.  It is well suited for infants to wean them from breast milk for a short time.  Usually made into a jelly, and is generally preferred by young infants over tapioca, and less likely to become acid in the stomach.

Mix with Chamomile as a prickly heat treatment.

Apply to poisonous insect bites and snake bites

Use as:        Jelly thickener  9 parts instead of 14 of cornstarch


Introduced from the West Indies.  Cultivated in South Carolina and Georgia       

The Shepherd's Purse

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