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Protect your loved ones from nuclear fallout
and biological contaminations!

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Complete Emergency Preparation Package

Includes five of the most effective nuclear preventives in natural form today: Brewer's Yeast, Kelp, Potassium Iodide, Apple Fiber, and Buckwheat Powder.  Also included is pure Cream of Tartar to protect and help cure you if you are exposed to the small pox virus.  

We have also provided four types of Sprouting Seeds and Grains:  Alfalfa Seed, Millet Seed, Soy Beans, and Wheat Berries. When these seeds and grains are sprouted they provide nutritious food to keep you alive if the food chain is broken. These also provide immune protection which help your body ward off harmful contaminants. 

(See our links below for the protective benefits of each product in our Emergency Preparation Package)

By reading  this entire newsletter and its informative links, you will become knowledgeable in additional ways to protect you and your loved ones from coming biological contaminations and air-borne viruses.

Read about the protection Colloidal Silver, Oil of Thyme, Catnip Insect Spray, Oil of Oregano, and Magnesium supplements can provide.

We have done much research in preparing this information. Be assured these products are all natural. By preparing ahead of time, and  for a cost of about $250.00 you can assure your family's protection in the days ahead, both from radiation, air-born viruses, and biological contaminants.

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Emergency Preparation Package Number One
 Protection for a family of  4 during initial radiation exposure
  One pound bulk packages  
Capsule Filler and Empty Capsules sold separately below
$ 119.00
Emergency Preparation Package Number Two
  Protection for @  20 people during initial radiation exposure
     One pound bulk packages  
Capsule Filler and Empty Capsules sold separately below
$ 595.00

Click on the following links to study, print or download the protective properties and proper dosages of each of the ten products included in our Emergency Preparation Package.

All items in the above Emergency Package above can also be ordered individually and in capsule form below.
Brewer's Yeast    protection from radiation poisoning   $ 5.00 / 100 capsules

12.00 per pound bulk 
Kelp protection from radioactive Strontium 90 $ 3.50 / 100 capsules

   8.00 per pound bulk
Cream of Tartar      Small pox prevention/cure
  This is the pure form of potassium hydrogen tartrate, the acidic
  potassium salt of Tartaric acid, not the substitute which is sold
  in stores as Cream of Tartar.  Click on link for more info


$ 10.95  lb
Potassium Iodide    
      Protects thyroid from radiation poisoning.  Extremely
      important for children
$19.95/ 90 capsules

$ 60.00   1 pound bulk

Apple Fiber  Powder  helps the body eliminate lead, mercury, and other heavy metals, and also forces radioactive strontium 90 through the body, without its being absorbed. $ 3.50 / 100 capsules

 6.00 per pound bulk

Buckwheat Powder - radiation prevention and protects the body's capillaries.  Contains the all-important  Rutin. 5.00 per pound bulk

Included in the Emergency Preparation Package are the following grains and seeds which are excellent sprouting sources to protect you from radiation poisoning.
Sprouting needs no soil.  
If you have water, a quart jar and netting, you can provide
food to stay alive if the food chain is broken with these nutritious, all  - organic protective seeds.

Alfalfa   sprouting Seeds contain protective
nutrients against radiation.
$ 5.00  pound
Millet Seed for sprouting, radiation preventive $ 5.00 pound
Soy Beans for sprouting contain protective nutrients $ 5.00 pound
Wheat Berries for sprouting contain protective nutrients $ 5.00 pound
Sprouting Equipment and how to's      
PLEASE NOTE:  Read the following important information that gives you additional ways to protect yourself from coming biological contamination.   These include
All important Colloidal Silver
Oil of Thyme
Catnip Insect Spray
Oil of Oregano
Magnesium supplements
Colloidal Silver   Natural antibiotic internally and very effective for disinfecting and gargling with if around aerosolized micro-organisms. Learn how
Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc supplement a must.
A calcium-poor diet can absorb up to five times as much
harmful Strontium-90 as those on a calcium-rich diet.
The calcium resists radioactive strontium 90. Gamma
radiation of the whole body (from radioactive isotopes)
causes a fall of magnesium levels in the blood.
Magnesium supplements then help to compensate
for the deficiency.
$ 8.99 / 200 tablets
Sunflower Seeds - a source of pectin, to attract, bind, and eliminate radiation from the body. $2.75 pound
Capsule Maker  Size - 00-                                $ 10.95
Capsule Maker  Size  -1-    small capsules     $   9.95
Capsules - 00 -                   500 capsules        $   8.50
Capsules -  1  -                   500 capsules $   5.50
Natural Antibiotic Protection to fight against Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, and air-borne viruses.   Take charge of your own health.
Protect yourself naturally.  Colloidal Silver and Oil of Oregano
Oil of Thyme - Immune booster, builds white blood cells.  Protect your loved ones from the West Nile Virus.      Kills mosquito larvae        $ 18.50 1/3 ounce
Catnip Insect Spray    more effective than over the counter preparations against mosquitoes, etc.   All Natural! $ 5.50  2 oz
Oil of Oregano- Natural Antibiotic  Take this when you know you have been exposed to anthrax, botulism, bubonic's plague spores. Early prevention is essential. $ 18.50 1/3 ounce

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