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Cream of Tartar

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For Small Pox Prevention and/or cure


       To keep form getting small pox or help to heal if contacted small pox in 3 days.

             Drink 1 oz cream of tartar in 1 pint boiling water. Drink cold in short intervals.
             Keeps bowels clean.

Do not use Cream of Tartar purchased from stores. All spices from stores now irradiated.  "Source: Textbook for Physicians, 1816 Susan Rubel"

Cream of Tartar is a white crystalline powder. Chemically it is potassium hydrogen tartrate, the acidic potassium salt of Tartaric acid. It is used as the leavening agent in baking powders. An impure form, called tartar or argol, forms naturally during the fermentation of grape juice into wine and crystallizes in the wine casks.

Tartaric acid L(+) is found in many fruits, especially grapes where it is present in the form of potassium acid salt, a compound with low solubility which crystallises on the sides of the wine vats during alcoholic fermentation.

The raw materials used are tartar from wine vats, by-products from co-operative wineries, as well as the centrifuged lees and calcium tartrate coming from distilleries.

A teaspoon of cream of tartar to a cup of decoction or infusion of senna, is a mild and pleasant laxative, particularly suited for females, where it may be required soon after delivery.

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