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Please Note:  Our medicinial herbs are meant to be used as a dietary supplement. Personal health matters should be discussed with an appropriate health care practitioner. The sole responsibility for the application of the information contained herein remains with the reader and user of this information.

Fenugreek    Trigonella foenum-graecum

See Cautions below in RED

Contains:   Biotin, choline, essencial oils, folic acid, inositol, lecithin, mucilage,
                 pantothenic acid, para-aminobenzoic acid, phosphates, trigonelline,
                 trimethylamine Steroidal saponins (including trigonelline and gentianine),
                 protein, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and D. Minerals, protein,
                 essential fatty acids, flavonoids, and phytosterols.  Minerals such as iron,
                 selenium, phosphurus, and potassium.

Parts Used: Seeds and aerial parts

Actions:     Seeds - anti-inflammatory, digestive tonic, promote milk flow, locally
                 demulcent, stimulates uterine contractions, lowers blood sugar levels,

                 Aerial parts - antispasmodic, sprouted seeds cand be used as the aerial parts

Use as:      Seeds, sprouted seeds, aerial parts, tea, tincture, capsules, decoction,

Tincture:    Dry or Fresh Seeds: Reproductive disoreders and conditions involving
                  kidney weakness.
                 Combine with other hypoglycemic herbs in diabetes

Tea Infusion:  Aerial parts:  Abdominal cramps, labor and menstrual pain.  May also be
                     made from sprouted seeds.

Capsules:   Seeds:  Controls glucose metabolis in late-onset diabetes

Decotion:   Seeds:   Warming drink for menstrual pain, stomach upsets, and , if a nursing
                               mother, to increase milk flow.  Disguise bitter taste with a little fennel

Poultice:     Seeds:    Powdered seed into past and apply to boils and cellulitis

Important Information

To treat male impotence.  Menstrual pain
and menopausal problems
                 Bitter digestive remedy
                 Externally for skin inflammations

Aerial parts remedy for abdominal cramps associated
with both menstrual pain and diarhea or gastroenteritis.  
Also used for labor pains.  Harvest in late summer.

Seeds make a nuritioning mineral rich tonic.

Their high mucilage content has a soothing
effect on all mucous membranes, strengthening the stomach.  A cup of fenugreek seed tea after dinner
aids digestion

Seeds used for their expectorant properties, very healing to the respiratory system.

Because of fenugreek's estrogen content, they are
beneficial to women to stablilize emotions, soothe nerves, and restore energy levels.  Enhances fertility.


Don' take fenugreek while
taking blood thinners such
as Coumadin.

Take at least two hours after perscription drugs.

Notify your health care provider if you
experience excessive brusing or
bruising while taking fenugreek.

Uterine stimulant, avoid
during pregnancy, but
the aerial parts may be
used during labor

Insulin dependent diabetics
should seek professional
advice before using fenu-
greek as a hypoglycemic.

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