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December - January Special

Choke Cherry Children's Cough Syrup

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The berries  of the wild choke cherry can be made into a syrup or dried and powdered and used to treat diarrhea and other digestive complications. Early American herbalists learned of the medicinal properties of chokecherry and characterized it as astringent (useful for eliminating mucous from colds), stimulant and pectoral (excellent for the lungs and upper respitory colds). It was listed in the U. S. Dispensatory in 1820 and was used to treat mild fever, phlegm, congestion and bronchitis.

Jams, jellies and syrups are also made from the berries.  

The berries in our formula are wild crafted in our Northern Maine wilderness.

"Take Five"

All Organic Spice Blends and Spice Rack

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King James Nelson Regency Large Print Bible

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