God and Me, Together a Team !

God is my best friend. Him and I work together. I serve, love trust, and tell others about Him. He in return protects, guides, loves, and puts trust in me to always obey Him and do the right thing.

That is what love is all about, trust.

Because of my parents trust in God, I'm here today!

You see, before I was born, the doctors told my mom that if I was born alive (which would be a miracle), I would have problems, and might have trouble learning. The umbellical cord was wrapped around my neck several times, and I wasn't turned in the right direction.

The next time our church met my mom asked for prayer. The whole church gathered around her, and our pastor started to pray. While he was praying, my mom felt me move. God had worked a miracle! I was born right, and am in perfect health.

So you see, God has been in control of my life since even before I was born! Him and I are a team, we work together. He lives in me, and I live because of Him!

You can be a team with God too! Just remember a team works together, its not a one sided relationship with God doing all the work. You have to do your part to

Rachel Huff

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