The Types and Symbols
of the Bible
by George Kirkpatrick 

Vital Words to the Body of Christ 
Freely We Have Received, Freely We Give
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We have been asked to put together a short study guide on the types 
and symbols used in the Bible.  This is by no means an in-depth study
of these terms, but a ready guide to promote a deeper study of each 

Every term in the Bible has a meaning, such as numbers, directions, 
colors, metals, names, places, etc.  As we understand the hidden 
meanings of these terms we can unlock the mysteries hidden from the 
beginning of time.

We pray this little tool guides you in your deeper search for the 
truths of God's Word.

Table of Contents

Chapter One     Numbers 
Chapter Two Colors
Chapter Three Parts of the Body
Chapter Four Directions
Chapter Five Clothing Materials
Chapter Six Metals
Chapter Seven Heavenly Bodies
Chapter Eight Trees
Chapter Nine Animals
Chapter Ten Additional Symbols
Addend Study Helps Chapter One Numbers We can gain much insight by studying the numbers in God's Word, not to the text only, but in their prophetic revelations. Number One Beginning God In the beginning was God, the one true God Genesis 1:1 The Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost are one I John 5:7 There is one God and one holy nation Ephesians 4:6, I Peter 2:9 Number Two Witness, Division In the mouth of two or three witnesses Matthew 18:16 The Bible is divided into two testaments Number Three Complete All God's creation is complete in three: Father, Son, Holy Spirit Spirit, Soul, and Body Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Number Four Creation The four elements earth, air, fire, water The four directions north, south, east, west The four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter The four divisions of the day Morning, Noon, Evening, Midnight Number Five Grace The favor of God's grace God informed Paul, His grace was sufficient Number Six Man The earth was prepared for man in six days Man was created on the sixth day The number 666 is the completeness of man, the best man can do without God Number Seven Spiritual Perfection and Revelation The book of Revelations beautifully reveals the Number Seven Seven churches Seven Spirits of God Seven golden candlesticks Seven stars Seven lamps Seven seals Seven eyes Seven horns Seven angels Seven trumpets Seven heads Seven crowns Seven plagues Seven gold vials Seven mountains Seven kings God's Spiritual perfection comes in His revelation of the number seven Number Eight New Beginnings, Resurrection Jesus' transfiguration was on the eighth day Circumcision was to be on the eighth day Eight souls were saved in the flood Number Nine Judgment The number nine consists of 3 x 3 It is the completeness of completeness Nine is also one short of coming into God's divine order Number Ten Perfection of Divine Order Decade Ten years 10 Era One hundred years 10 x 10 Millennium One thousand years 10 x 10 x 10 Noah was the tenth generation The Ten Commandments One tenth = The Tithe Ten plagues in Egypt The ten virgins Number Eleven Disorder, confusion After Judas' betrayal, there were only 11 apostles Before the Holy Spirit could come on the Day of Pentecost, the twelfth apostle had to be appointed Number Twelve Perfection of Government The twelve patriarchs The twelve apostles The twelve foundations of the Holy City Twelve persons anointed of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Number Thirteen Satan, Rebellion All the names of satan are divisible by thirteen Israel rebelled against God thirteen times in the wil- derness Number Fourteen Deliverance and Salvation Israel was delivered the fourteenth day of the first month Matthew records 14 generations from Abraham to David 14 generations from David to the carrying away into Babylon 14 generations from the carrying away into Babylon to Christ, The Anointing which is our deliverer Number Fifteen Completion of God's Grace, Kingdom The Completion of God's Grace 3 x 5 The fifteenth day of the first month is the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the symbol of the sinless body The fifteenth day of the seventh month is the Feast of Tabernacles. The Feast of Tabernacles marks the end of the sixth day of man and the beginning of the seventh day of the Kingdom Number Sixteen Love There are sixteen titles for Jehovah in the Bible In I Corinthians 13:4-8 there are sixteen attributes of love Number Seventeen Victory In Romans, chapter eight, there are seventeen things listed which cannot separate us from the love of God In Hebrews, chapter twelve, there are seventeen differences in the Old Covenant compared with the New Covenant Number Eighteen Bondage In Judges, Israel was held in bondage for eighteen years, first by Eglon and then by Ammon Jesus healed the woman who had been bound by satan for eighteen years 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 The best carnal man can accomplish Number Nineteen Faith There are nineteen people listed in Hebrews, chapter eleven, the faith chapter Number Twenty Redemption, Time of Waiting The Israelite men were chosen to go to war at the age of twenty At the age of twenty, the children of Israel were to make an offering for their souls. Jacob waited twenty years for his wives and possessions Number Twenty-Two Light There are twenty-two bowls of oil which hold the oil for the candlestick There were twenty-two thousand priests to serve the tabernacle. There are twenty-two sections of light in the 119th chapter of Psalms There are seven divisions of 22 verses in the book of Lamentations Number Twenty-Three Death There are twenty-three things listed in the book of Romans, chapter one, verses 28;32 which makes one worthy of death Number Twenty-Four Priesthood, Higher Form of Government There are twenty-four elders around God's throne There were twenty-four courses of the priesthood in the tabernacle Number Thirty Maturity Joseph was thirty when he stood before Pharaoh David was thirty when he began to reign in Hebron John the Baptist began preaching repentance at the age of thirty Jesus began His ministry at the age of thirty Number Thirty-three Promise Jesus was thirty-three when He went to the cross He was thirty-three when He arose, giving us the promise of eternal life Number Forty Trials, Probation, Testing Israel was tested for forty years in the wilderness Jesus was tempted for forty days in the wilderness Jonah preached judgment to Nineveh for forty days In the book of Judges, Israel was given forty years of rest under Othniel, Barak, and Gideon Number Forty-two Completion of a Journey Israel had forty-two campsites from Egypt to their promise land There are forty-two generation from Abraham to Christ Forty-two mocked the ascension of Elijah to Elisha Number Fifty Holy Spirit and Freedom The word pentecost means fifty The Holy Spirit was given fifty days after Jesus' resurrection Fifty is the year of jubilee Number Sixty Pride and Arrogance The image Nebuchadnezzar set up was sixty cubits high Number Sixty-six Idol Worship The confusion of man (11 x 6) who makes an idol out of self Number Seventy Restoration The descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japeth after the flood was seventy Seventy descendants of Jacob were in Egypt at the time of Joseph Israel was restored to their promise land seventy years after the Babylonian captivity Daniel's seventy weeks will complete the time when the Most Holy will be anointed Number One Hundred and Twenty Complete Dispensation of Time Moses lived three complete generations of time 3 x 40 = 120 Forty years under the law of Egypt Forty years under grace, after he killed the Egyptian Forty years led by the Spirit of God Number One Hundred, Forty-Four God's Perfect Government 12 x 12 signifies God's ultimate creation of government Number One Hundred, Fifty-three Fruit Bearing Jesus' disciples caught one hundred and fifty-three fish when they fished on the right side of the boat Number Two Hundred Insufficiency Two hundred pennyweight of bread was insufficient to feed the multitudes Number Six Hundred Warfare Pharaoh pursued Israel with six hundred chariots The Danites sent six hundred men of war to take Josiah Goliath's spear weighed six hundred shekels of iron Number Six Hundred and Sixty-six Man's Best Six, six, six 3 x 6 = 18 is the best man can do without God, which only brings God's people into bondage Six, six, six is the number of the beast, the great anti- christ Number One Forty-Four Thousand God's Perfect Government God's Kingdom rulership, with His firstfruit company Chapter Two The Colors White purity righteousness holiness Red, Scarlet blood suffering sacrifice Blue Holy Spirit authority Purple royalty wealth prosperity Gold God Kingship Kingdom glory Silver Redemption Green Life, growth Prosperity Grey Dignity, honor age half truths Black famine death Brown flesh The Colors of Light When light is put through a prism it breaks down into the light spectrum which consist of the colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Our God is the light of life. Chapter Three Parts of the Body Head thoughts, mind, intelligence symbol of Christ's headship Heart center of life seat of emotions mind Blood the life of the flesh sacrifice Eye Spiritual vision light of the soul Ear Spiritual hearing entrance to the soul receptor of faith Hair symbol of glory covering Forehead thought, reasoning memory, imagination seat of the mind Nose Symbol of breath Discernment Shoulders seat of God's government, eldership strength Belly symbol of emotions; Love, hate, etc Arms strength of the body enabler of ministry Hands tools of ministry and giving Legs support and strength of the body Thigh symbol of equalizing our walk Knee symbol of reverence and humility Heal the power to crush Feet our walk in God Loins symbol of strength in action reproductive part of the body Reins symbol of the motives of the heart Bowels the inner man symbol of mercy Chapter Four Directions North toward the throne of God and true worship symbol of power and authority South symbol of quietness of the earth refreshment East the new day sunrise God's light and glory West symbol of evening setting of the sun end of the age Up going toward God going forward Down going away from God backsliding Chapter Five Clothing Materials Wool symbol of warmth and comfort Linen symbol of righteousness and purity does not cause sweat symbol of rest Flax symbol of weakness of man Chapter Six Metals Gold symbol of God kingship kingdom glory Silver redemption the price of a soul Brass, Copper, Bronze symbol of sin judgment of sin disobedience Iron strength inflexible rule crushing Tin worthlessness weakness Lead weight heaviness of the heart Brick symbol of the work of men's hands false worship Chapter Seven Heavenly Bodies Sun symbol of life glory brightness light Moon a light reflector symbol of judgment and darkness without God, lifeless Stars symbol of Abraham's heavenly seed Spiritual Israel ministers of the gospel light bearers Falling Stars apostates Day measurement of time children of light New day (hope) Night spiritual darkness wrath judgment Chapter Eight Trees Cedars power, majesty royalty beauty Hemlock wormwood injustice symbol of calamity Mulberry symbol of a broken heart Oak strength durability Fig symbol of Spiritual Israel, the church fruitfulness Palm symbol of victory in Christ Pine symbol of fragrance and beauty Pomegranate symbol of abundance and joyfulness Shittah, Acacia beauty Algum symbol of Christ's humanity Almond symbol of Christ's resurrection Willow symbol of Christ's weeping and heartbreak Myrtle symbol of God's blessing Chapter Nine Animals Ant diligence industry wisdom in preparation Ass patience endurance stubbornness Bear evil cunning cruel men Beast worldly kingdoms cruel devouring Bees host of people stinging yet produces honey Bull Bullock strength labor servanthood Calf praise thanksgiving Camel service burden bearer Cankerworm destructive power Caterpillar destructive power Cat sneaky undependable Cock warning reminder early riser Coney wisdom in hiding Dog unbelievers hypocrites Dove gentleness Holy Spirit Eagle swiftness rising above Fish souls of men Flies evil spirit filth satan's kingdom Fox cunning evil men Goat shaggy sin, sinners Grasshopper locust multitudes small but destructive Hare satan evil host uncleanness Hart Deer gentleness timidity sensitivity Horse power strength conquest war Owl evil spirits night bird Ox sacrifice service Palmerworm destructive power Pelican lonely person Ram male sheep or goat Scorpion evil spirits evil men pain Serpent satan evil spirits evil men Sheep God's people defenseless Snail slow dependable Spider wisdom Stork loneliness Turtle Dove Holy Spirit Wild Ass man's unregenerate state stubborn, self-willed running wild Wolf satan false teachers Worm instrument of judgment despised Chapter Ten Additional Symbols Anchor safety, security, and hope Ark safety Christ Chaff uselessness Clay symbol of frailness of the human flesh Dust humanity contempt human frailness Egypt symbol of worldliness bondage whoredoms Field symbol of the world Fire judgment God's purifying and testing Hail divine judgment Hammer symbol of the Word of God Horn strength and power Key power to bind and loose to lock and unlock Lamp symbol of the spirit of man symbol of the Spirit of God lamp of God Leprosy sin and death Locust destructive power of darkness Mirrors (glass) reflection of the Word of God in our lives Mountain symbol of kingdoms Oil Holy Spirit anointing Sackcloth mourning, sorrow repentance Salt incorruptible life preservation covenant Sand symbol of multitudinous seed earthly seed of Abraham unsaved multitudes Scepter power, authority, and rulership Sea restless masses of humanity Sickle reaping the Word of God Stiff-necked stubbornness resistance to authority Sweat man's efforts and works Tabernacle man's temporal existence Thorns and thistles symbol of the curse Whoredoms spiritual idolatry false doctrines Wilderness symbol of dry places without God Yoke servitude slavery fellowship Study Helps The following study helps will provide you with comprehensive tools in gaining deeper insight into the Types and Symbols of the Bible: The Arithmetic of God PO Box 573 King Mountain, NC 28086 The Symbols and Types Bible Temple Publ 7545 NE Glisan Street Portland Oregon 97213-6396 503-253-9020 Numbers in Scripture Bullinger Kregel Publ A Dictionary of Scriptural Proper Names Jackson Loizeaux Bros Neptune NJ The Strong's Concordance Thomas Nelson, Publ The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament Volumes I & II Moody Press Vine's Expository dictionary of New Testament Words Bethany Press Unger's Bible Dictionary Moody Press Chronological and Background Charts of the New Testament H. Wayne House Zondervan Chronological Charts of the Old Testament John Walton Zondervan The Interlinear Greek English New Testament Berry Zondervan

Vital Words to the Body of Christ 
Freely We Have Received, Freely We Give
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