The  Fruitful  Vine

"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

Golden Fruit

A Dream as given to Jo Ann Glasco: I had been sent a special invitation to come to this huge estate owned by a very wealthy person. Personally, I had never seen the estate before nor was I aware of it.

It was beautiful - trees landscaped, flowers were creatively and artistically planted - perfect in every way. A grounds-keeper came to show me around. He pointed out the various types of fruit on the trees (many I didn't recognize). The fruit was in all stages of growth - blossoms, small buds, green fruit, etc. Some of it was partially ripe, some just ripe for picking, and some overly ripe.

The owner had told the grounds-keeper to tell me to pick the gold fruit that was hanging on the tree. I did the best I could. Some had brown streaks on it (not perfect or pure) - possibly it had hung there longer than it should have.

It was now time for the owner to come. Although he was originally a spirit being, he came as a man. He asked to see what I had gathered. It seemed that I had missed some ripe fruit. There was a lot more of the special kind of fruit I was to pick hidden among the trees - it blended in with the foliage and was difficult to see. Nevertheless, it was there and difficult to reach.

I apologized to the owner, since what I had picked was obvious to the naked eye. I wanted to do what was right. I also wanted to sample some of the fruit that I wasn't supposed to pick.

We were then gathered into a large room -- all servants, except the owner. Each gave an account of progress made. I saw the owner come by to single me out to gather some more specific fruit. I seemed to have much favor with him, and I could feel the love in this entire estate.

I thought - why me ? There were so many more able servants there. At this time, a car drove in that wasn't supposed to be there. The driver quickly turned around and left as if he and his passengers didn't want any part of this gathering.

One of the things that struck me as being so unusual was how particular they all were. It was as though I was privileged to gather this fruit. Many of the servants had been there a long time. There was an atmosphere of awe and fear of displeasing the owner. My thinking at that time was any one of them could have picked the fruit.

I was shown it was not their assignment. We have been chosen and designated for various tasks. There is a harvest of fruit to be picked that I haven't been looking for or have been able to see.

During this dream, I was distracted somewhat by two small kittens. They were not supposed to be there and took my mind off what was really important.

I feel that this dream is relevant to many in the body of Christ at this hour.

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