The  Fruitful  Vine

"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

Christians! Be On Alert!

The great outpouring will be necessary for many,
many Christians to pull in and fasten their girth.

The spiritual armor is rusted and needs a good dusting
The Bible basics need to be ingrained so they can be retrained

I am saying they have grown slack
Alertness and a freshness is what they lack.

Many think they know it all
Years in Sunday School and Church were spent after all.
Not so, says I, You are not ready to meet this dangerous, demonic foe.

It concerns Me, saith the Lord,
The laxness and lethargy are combined with a past sense of complacency.

You can be compared to the natural armed forces of America
who have slipped into years of self effacement.

This is a correction and a warning
It is time to go back and start hourly prayers in the morning

Your spiritual vehicle is smoking and choking
as a car which is in lack of repair.

I am not in a state of despair for you have constantly ignored My Words
and messages that have come through the air
I have entrusted you with, My beloved ones.
Because, like a hireling or a lukewarm Christ you have become.

In the natural, you don't want an army with rusty, dusty armor protecting our shores.
The spiritual warrior must be disciplined and have a mind set with Biblical meaning.
This slothfulness and laziness will not be tolerated No more! No More!

Calling all members of the body of Christ.
You have been moved from the shelf and out of the state of reserve.

The NATO, UN, and National armies have been put on alert
It is time for all soldiers (spiritual and natural) to get in their places where they can adequately serve.

Oh My People, it is time, it is time!
I am awakening you, pouring My spiritual water on the called out many!

Be on the alert!
Listen to these words and the gallons of oil must be poured in to wipe away
the folly of ommissioned sins.

Will you pass the test?
Will you hearken to My call?

So will you go the way of the rest of the world?
Through the gate into the empty, frivolous halls?

Some of the five-fold ministry are now in a state of holding.
They are feeling a great spiritual funk.
These feelings (soulish and natural) must be revealed and there forever dunked.

Evangelists, Shepherds, Leaders, Apostles, Pastors, and Teachers!
Come back to your first love, and the high calling that was sent to you by My dove. It is you that I love!

This calling will always be on your life.
To deny its existence will cause a warring in your spirit
And in essence, a distinct miserable life.

There is nothing in this temporary world that can take the place of the virgin bride. You were chosen to be Christ's wife.

The bleating sheep cry for famine of the Word
Hireling shepherds have poured in teachings that My Holy Testament's have never heard.

These poor sheep have been bilked from their treasures and a life time of heresy and false doctrine have left these dug bones bleaching in the desert.

Hirelings leave.
Backsliders, come back in from the world of sin.

Lukewarmness, I cannot abide.
None of you will have enough oil to meet the Groom who is coming for the bride.

My arms are still open for you. I have great plans for my chosen, spiritual Jews.
My love, mercy, and grace is for all of the human race.
My heart is grieving, for My Word is true.
I know three will only be a few.

But even still, My eyes search the valleys and the hills, crevices, caves, deep and wide.
Great bodies of water, populace cities cannot hide the depths of My deep love for My creation who I fully intended to be at My side.

I am not speaking to the devil's demonic host
For now, in hell and earth they do boast.

Satan thinks and plants. For, at last, he caught everyone sleeping across the land.
(The government, the people as a whole, and the Christian church)

He has made one great sweep with his perverted hand
So many distractions have made the filth so attractive
And now multitudes are bound, spiritually jailed and held in diabolical captivity.

A spiritual blindness, combined with deception has so many in the body of Christ in a gross state of inactivity for Me.

Some of the church buildings will fill up but this will not last
If the needs of the hungry do not have proper ministry and words to fill their cup
they will go elsewhere looking for Me.
And I will send them to My body where the Holy Spirit is freed.

Saints! Be on alert!
Be in season at all times.

Be prepared to have natural plans changed because I am going to use all of you in these last days.

The ones who choose to serve Me will walk in full power in these last days.

by Jo Ann Glasco

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