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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

Wise Women!  Begin to Build Your Spiritual House     by  J.  Kirkpatrick
Ragwort                                                                      by J. Kirkpatrick

Wise women! Begin to build your Spiritual house!

by J. Kirkpatrick  OH

"Wisdom hath builded her house. She hath hewn out her seven pillars." Proverbs 9:1

Proverbs has much to way about the Godly woman and how she needs to begin to build her Spiritual house, her permanent dwelling place in God. But before we, as wise women, can build a permanent dwelling place, we must hew out a place for our seven pillars. We must dig down deep and cut out all the damaging, destructive roots to prepare a firm basis for the seven, sure, foundational supports which will be able to hold up our complete household under any storm. God is desiring for us to lay the axe to the roots in our lives that He might have a people without spot or wrinkle.

To hew out means to cut, chop and hack away with a chisel, or other cutting tool. First, we must find a good place to build our permanent house. Our permanent house is our Spiritual house. We must clear the site of all debris before we can begin to build. We must begin by cutting, chopping, and hacking away all the underbursh, thorns, and clinging vines. We must also clear away all the stumbling stones and obstacles that are strewn in our path. When these obstacles are cleared away, they must be thrown into the trash heap to be burned. This is what we must begin to do to build our Spiritual dwelling place.

What are those tangling vines, those stumbling stones, those treacherous thorns, and unwanted underbrush we must laboriously cut and hack away? We must diligently cut, hack and chop away all the graven images of the worldly nations, utterly breaking their pillars, *** Deut. 12:2-3. We must rid our land of these supporting pillars before we can begin to build our permanent dwelling place in God. Graven images are those things that we cannot let go; those things we have allowed to take the place of God in our lives: television, soaps, magazines, fiction fantasies, clothes, jewelry, compromising music, careers, social societies, etc., etc., etc. Before we can begin to construct a strong, durable house, these graven images must be utterly broken down, burned and destroyed.

Be careful to not cut down a neighbour, *** Deut 19:5. Beginning preparations are perhaps the most important. Be very careful and observe those plants and flowers perhaps buried under all the thorns, vines and underbrush that would be of benefit to you and your family. Yes, unwanted weeds need to go, but be very observant to not throw away a long, neglected delicate, fragrant flower, or medicinal plant.

Even as Solomon, we cannot build an enduring house until we prepare our location with peace. All surrounding areas need to be fortified. We need, as Nehemiah, to set guards at the job site. We must continually watch for the enemy that lurks in secret places.

"For, behold, I have made thee this day a defenced city, and an iron pillar, and brasen walls against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, against the princes thereof, against the priests thereof, and against the people of the land." *** Jer 1:18

The Lord desires to melt us to become iron pillars, able to withstand against all enemies who seek to enter our abode. He desires for us to be put through His cleansing fires that we might stand, remain and endure as permanent, upright columns who are able to even withstand the flood on all mankind. What are some of these enemies that seek to disguise themselves and enter our prepared place of peace?

  1. We must be ever watchful to not allow ourselves to be clothed with the attire of an harlot, *** pro 7:9-21. She possesses a subtil heart, v-10; a heart that conceals hidden motives to protect and maintain her own wilful desires.

  2. She is loud, v-11; often causing great commotion and uproar.

  3. She is stubborn, v-11; which is the same as rebellion, which is as the sin of witchcraft, *** I Sam. 15:23.

  4. Beware, she lies in wait at every corner with her impudent face, v-13; a face that is hardened and set in her own alluring ways.

  5. With her is much fair speech, v-21; she knows all the ways to entice and speak sweetly. No method of allurement is beyond her grasp. She has been trained well in deceptive ways.

  6. Great caution and discernment is necessary to not allow these shortcomings enter our land. For this woman will cause you to yield, v-2; and bend to her desires.

  7. Beware also of her flattering lips, v-21; lips as smooth as stones, used only to bring separation and take away your portion and inheritance in God's kingdom.

Be encouraged in the Lord. Begin today to weed out, tear down and destroy these unwanted obstacles, placing them on the trash heap to be utterly burned and destroyed. Once you have done this necessary preparation, you will find that there is only one proven way to prepare your earth for building a strong foundation...   To be continued...


God has given mankind the herb and plant kingdom for healing. We would like to introduce some of these to you, that you might benefit from their provision and their goodness.

Many plants we think of today as weeds are very beneficial, and are well worth our time to become acquainted with. One of the summer weeds we would like to introduce to you is the Ragwort. This plant is very beneficial for women and is well worth researching and becoming friends with. Ragwort is good in all urinary diseases and gravel. Along with the lily, it is one of the most certain and safe cures known for aggravated cases of leucorrhea, and also for suppressed menstruation. *** Rodale Encyclopedia of Herbs

*** We always recommend that you conduct your own personal study before partaking of these herbs and plants. We personally refer to 3-4 different herb bibliographies before we use any herb. But these valuable herbs are well worth your time and effort to learn more about. ***

Just as the Ragwort, the Holy Spirit has a powerful and beneficial influence on our inner well-being. He is the most certain and safe cure known for all cases of "irritation" and "unwanted gravel" in our lives. Only the Holy Spirit can put us through the fire [diaphoretic], stimulate our hunger for the Word [tonic], and cleanse out all the "infection and inflammation" of our soul.

*** If you would like to write us concerning these series of herb articles, or if we can be of any assistance to you in your studies, please write.***


We are trees of the field, and on these trees is a certain fruit; a fruit of the Spirit called Joy. We should be joyfully, journeying through this life with Jesus, "The Lion of Judah", in the jubilant land of praise.


Are you a fleshly, fault-finder that fails to further and forgive? Are you a flatterer who furnishes false, vain, froward words? The Father would have us find favor. Forsake feeding, fearful, froward, filthy thoughts. Instead follow favorable, fruitful, friendly attitudes.

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