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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

The Cornerstone in Our House                    by  J.  Kirkpatrick
Is There Hope to Harvest                            a   poem by A. Abraham
The Death of Leaves are Precious To Me    a poem by J. Kirkpatrick
An Open Letter to My God                         from S. Garcia
Juniper Berries herbal                                  compiled by J. Kirkpatrick


As wise wives and mothers we must have God's Word as our foundation before we can begin construction of our Spiritual house. John 1:1 and I John 5:7 tell us that Jesus is the Word.

Once our foundation is grounded in the Word, the next important step is to make sure our whole house rests upon the Cornerstone. Jesus is the strength of our Spiritual house. He is the Cornerstone, the sure foundation, the rock that we are to build upon.

Only when we begin with Jesus Christ as our cornerstone, can we become that building fitly framed together to become the Spiritual dwelling place of God, Eph 2:21-22.

Isaiah tells us that all things must line up with the Cornerstone, Isaiah 28:16-17. Only when we begin with Jesus Christ will we be able to comprehend the breadth, the length, the depth, and the height of our construction with complete accurateness.

Jesus is the solid rock that we must build our lives upon. If we base our foundation on any other, we become as the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. When the winds of adverstity came his house crumbled. If we build on the sand (flesh) our house will crumble, also. But if we are to build a strong Spiritual house that will weather any storm, we must begin with Jesus Christ as the Cornerstone.


I Jo 2:1-2 I Jo 4:2, 9-10, 14-15 I Jo 5:1 & 5 Rom 10:9
Phil 2:11 John 6:35 & 51 John 8:12
John 11:25-26 John 10:7,9,11,& 14 John 14:6
John 15:1 & 5 Rev 22:16


by A. Abraham, Ohio

As the time of Christ's return draws near
Many are hearing the trumpet sound clear.

They are preparing a place for Him
That is clean and learning to only on Him lean.

They have a vision stirred in their heart
And from the world they seek to depart.

They are striving to arise into the spiritual realm
His presence, paths and peace are there
There is no worldly thought or care.

It is a place you are free to grow
And it is a place to sow.

It is a place to sow the seed of Hope
While all the world cannot see
And in darkness they do grope.

It is a place of sun and rain
That strengthens and establishes the weak and the lame.

It is a place to prepare your heart
As it was from the start.

It is a place that no matter where the path leads,
There's growing and maturing of Christ's seed.

Is this process taking place in your heart?
Do you fear him, love him and from sin depart?

Will there be HOPE to harvest from your heart?


submitted by J Kirkpatrick, OH

This is the time of death for much of My creation.
Yet life is here.

Seasons come and soon are past
Leaving signs of death

The Leaves have all fallen
And soon will come winter cold

This is a time of preparation in My kingdom
My creation has shed its earthly coat

The leaves have fallen forming a covering for the earth.
Here in this covering are warmth and food
For the coming coldness.

Your leaves, my Precious Ones, also have fallen
Your death is accomplished
Your life is begun.

Precious to Me are the death of leaves
You are become a precious covering for the earth
Through you I will feed my creation

Oh my Precious Leaves! Fall ! Fall ! Fall !
I have prepared a new life for you

I long for you, My Special Creation
The death of your leaves only means
I have set you free
To become a new life forever in Me.


from S. Garcia, Nevada

Thank you, Lord, for allowing the season and perfect timing to be in our daughter's home and into their precious family's lives when it was needed. Even though it was only for a "season", I praise you, Lord, that I was able to be there before, during and after our third grandson was born. You provided the perfect time to be able to help our daughter with the every day life; dishes, cooking, cleaning, playing cards, laughing, a little disagreeing, and most importantly with praying. Praying with my husband for our children; praying with our daughter; praying with our son-in-law and their two boys when she went into emergency Caesarean operation; praying over our new, perfectly healthy grandson in my arms; and praying alone with you when all was well, calm and quiet. You truly are a Faithful God! You truly do give us the "desires of our heart", when we sacrifice all to do your will first and above all our own desires.

May all of your daughter's in Christ, especially me, learn to continue to put YOU, Lord, first; to seek you and your kingdom first, and you will add all else, Mat 6:33. There are still "desires of my heart" for my family; salvation, godly spouses, continual infilling with your Holy Spirit, etc, etc. I ask you, my Faithful Lord, to help me, and all of your daughters to be faithful in prayer for our families! In this time of "women's Lib" and even "Women's Ministries", our most important calling is to PRAY first, foremost and unceasingly for our husbands, our sons, daughters, grandchildren, etc. Please remind me to remember all of your many blessings instead. Help us all, Lord, to fix and keep our thoughts on what is true and good and right; to keep thinking about things that are pure and lovely; and to dwell on the fine, good things in others, Phil 4:8. Please grant me a soft and gentle voice, Pro 15:. Thank you, Lord, for my precious family. May we all know, love and serve you throughout eternity, forever and ever.

P.S. My whole desire is to have a deeper commitment to KNOW you, God!


Juniper Berries have excellent external (used to apply to the skin) medicinal value to use to keep away infection. The berries can be of great value used in a poultice (enclosed in a cloth and applied to the skin); or take a handful and add to a warm bath to soothe aching muscles, bruises or wounds. The berries used in this manner can bring relief to arthritus.

In the past, juniper berries have been used taken internally (swallowed) for a diuretic (ridding wastes through the urine). But because of its irritating action we do not advise taking it internally. Those with kidney ailments and pregnant ladies should especially avoid taking juniper internally.

Herbs are God's blessing to mankind. They are of much value to the homemaker and well worth learning about. We would highly recommend a thorough study be made of the various uses and medicinal qualities of herbs. Most libraries contain very good books on the many uses of herbs. Get familiar with the vocabulary and language of the herb studies.

We suggest that before you use any herb, you research at least three different herb books for comparison. Caution must be used when administering herbs. Some herbs can be harmful if taken in too large a dose. Others are not to be taken internally, but are extremely valuable to soothe sore, aching muscles, such as the Juniper Berry. Many herbs are excellent for teas. The Juniper Berry like many other herbs and seeds are touches of beauty with which we can create beautiful, sweet smelling bouquets for our households. But, again, research each one thoroughly before using them in your home. If we can be of any help to you in your research of the medicinal herbs, please write.

Spiritual Application:

As the Juniper Berries, the Word of God can be applied to our lives to relieve infections, wounds and sores. The Word of God is the cleansing power than can heal our wounds, whether we apply it, rub it on, or bathe in it.

" The Washing of Water by the Word brings great relief ! "

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