"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE
by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a
The Prayer of Agreement                     by J. Kirkpatrick
The Father                                           by K. Huff
With God All Things Are Possible       by N. Colley,  a testimony of healing
Words of Peace and Comfort              a poem by A. Richardson
Our Assurance of Total Protection      by K. Maskey,  Ohio

    The Prayer of Agreement

by J. Kirkpatrick

We have heard many words of knowledge over the past few months concerning the prayer of agreement.  I would encourage each husband and wife to establish a time together, seeking the Lord, speaking forth things to pray for, discussing how to pray for each situation and coming before the Lord in total agreement as one in prayer. For this to become a reality in the body of Christ, it must first start in the Home. Matthew 18:19-20 and Matthew 21:22

We would also like to share the precious healings that are beginning to take place as many read and listen to the "pure Word of God". Many who are suffering from seemingly incurable illnesses are being healed by the continual, daily hearing and/or reading of God's Word.

Faith, those things hoped for, cometh by "hearing the Word of God". Romans 10:17. The Lord has spoken to one man that "Alzheimer's Disease can be completely eliminated and prevented by the reading and/or listening to God's life-giving Word.  Personally, we witnessed a man who could speak very little, begin to speak with understanding as he repeated God's Word along with another. Praise the Lord!

What we are repeatedly observing is that the daily, sometimes hourly, reading and/or listening to God's life-giving Word is bringing forth inner healings in many lives.

Please, if the Lord has spoken to you in these areas, write and let us share with others in the body. May the Lord richly bless you in His Word in the days ahead.

By K. Huff, Ohio
The physical father:

      1.  The physcial father is the head of the home, with Christ as his head.

      2.  The father has the authority over the home; others are to submit to him. He is the

          decision-maker; he has the final say.

      3. The father has control of the money; he is the one to earn it, he pays the bills,
          and decides how the money is to be used.

     4.  The father has the respect of the rest of his family.

     5.  The father he is the prime source of discipline.

Not only is he the main figure in the family, but he is the one the children look to as a model role. Example: the boys want to grow up to be like their daddies, to learn his trade of work, to look and to act like him. The girls look to their father as the example of the kind of husband they want when they are older.

It is very important that the father spends time with each child, getting to know the child, and letting the child get to know him. It is important for us, as parents, to do things with our children; not just taking the child with you, but actually DOING things with each child.  It is very important that we learn to do the same with our Spiritual Father. We must learn to know him and to do things with him.

I have never had any respect for my physical father. He did not discipline us as children. I can remember one time when he actually spanked me, and that was because I reminded him of the promise that he had not fulfilled. He made the money for the family, but he never had any say as to how the money was to be spent or what bills were to be paid. Don't get me wrong, we never lacked physical needs, but he was not doing his job. He never made the final decisions, or any decisions in the home. My mother always did. My father never demanded submission from us kids or our mother. In fact, we all, including my father, submitted to my mother. Seeing as how no one submitted to my father, my mother, had all the authority. He was not the head of the home, and he never had or has had Christ as his head.  Today, he is still the same way. I sometimes feel, because of comments he has made, he has seen his mistakes, but why change now. He feels the damage has already been done, and it is too late.

Because of my lack of respect for my physical father, I now find it hard to have the right kind of respect and reverence for my Heavenly Father. It is very hard to remember to go to Him at the early points in my trials.

     I always wait until the worst is upon me, then I cry for help. His Word says
"Seek me Early".

I have never had much communication with my physical father. Therefore, again, I don't communicate much with my Heavenly Father. That line of communication must be open. If not, how are you ever going to be able to really and truly get to know the Father?

In the physical, a child likes to do things with their father. They like to go places with him, look like him, talk like him, and just imitate all that he does.

  Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father desires the same things from us. We are to look like Him, to act like Him, to speak like Him, and to do things with Him. The things we do with Him, could be singing His Word back to Him, giving Him praise, just talking with Him, not necessarily asking for things, but talking with Him about everything. Our Heavenly Father wants us to call upon Him continually.

Paul cried out, "Oh, that I may know Him." That is my desire, too. "Oh that I may know my heavenly Father." Oh, to have that relationship with Him that He wants; a one-on-one relationship.

     John 16:27a "For the Father Himself loveth you." He says to
"Abide in Me, and I will abide in you." John 15:14
    If I do not abide in Him, I will not, and cannot bear much fruit,
for WITHOUT Him I can do NOTHING. He will also not abide in me.
We sing a song, "I must have Jesus in my whole life. In my walking , in my talking, in my sleeping, in my weeping, I must have Jesus in my life." This is really true. If the Father is not in us in every area of our lives, we are nothing, and we can do nothing.
Do you really know your Heavenly Father?
Do you have that one-on-one relationship with Him?
Or do you know of Him without really knowing Him?

With God All Things Are Possible
by N. Colley, Texas

In the spring of 1985, at the age of 61, I was in the best physical condition I had experienced for many years. I was part of an advanced aerobic exercise class, my weight was just right, and I had an abundance of energy and felt great. In a matter of weeks I ached all over, unable to dress myself, comb my hair - it was painful to move any muscle in my body. It hurt even to be touched!

In June of that year I took care of my 9 month old grandson while his family went on a vacation. He was a blessing and we enjoyed him. When I got a pain in my shoulder near the end of the second week, I thought it was a result of carrying the baby most of the time and perhaps getting my back out of line. I believed it was a temporary problem and it would go away. But it did not, and it spread through my whole body in a short time.

My husband and I had planned a trip by motor home for that summer and I did not want to spoil his plans so we made the trip. it was very difficult for me, I hurt all over, had trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. When I got in the car I had to back in and then lift my legs up, one at a time, into the car. I walked very slowly.

We arrived home in September. I was at the place now where I could not raise my arms high enough to comb my hair. I could not pull anything over my head, I had to wear something that opened in the front. Needing my husband to help me dress, wash my hair, and in many other ways was very discouraging. I could not hold anything heavy, even a half gallon of milk or a tea kettle, in fact, I was afraid to pick up a pot with any thing hot in it.

Shortly after getting home I went to a chiropractor for help. he gave me two treatments, which made me feel better at the time. however, he told my husband he could do nothing more for me, it was up to God.

I know God is the Healer and I had been praying very much about this, but I also believed there was something that I could do with His guidance. I also know that it is God who gives wisdom and knowledge to doctors for our benefit, so I went to see a doctor. He took several 2-rays and said I had arthritis. I could not believe that! This came all at once without any warning and I thought arthritis was progressive over years.

I went to two other doctors - both said the same thing. I told the last doctor I was not going to accept this condition for the rest of my life, there had to be something to help; diet, maybe, or exercise, something! Jesus Christ died for me, His blood was shed for me, by His stripes I was healed, and if I was, then I am.

I knew there just had to be something! The doctor said he had not been at this hospital very long and had just recently learned there was a rheumatoid clinic there. He asked if I would want to go there. I surely did and he made out a consultant slip for me. I am convinced this was amove of God.

After extensive tests and more x-rays at the rheumatoid clinic, the doctor said I did not have arthritis, but a condition that could become that way if not taken care of. He gave me the name of it, but I cannot remember it or pronounce it if I could. He said it is usually called PMR. I remember the middle part of the name was muscular so I assumed it had to do with a problem in the muscles. He sent me to physical therapy, first to get my frozen shoulder muscles loosened. (It had hurt to move them, so I did not, and they froze - another Spiritual lesson, --- If we do not use our Spiritual "muscles" they will freeze too ---). He also gave me massive doses of Motrin, a strong anti-inflammatory drug to take and he took weekly blood tests. My blood showed there was inflammation in my body and in this case it was my whole muscular system. This brought another truth to my attention - Life is in the blood.

I was also given exercises to do at home every day, and I went to the clinic for a weekly treatment. (Another lesson for me --- the once-a-week treatment was not enough, it takes daily "exercise" with Jesus --- ). I was still hurting and could not lay in bed, it hurt even my skin. So I spent the nights in a reclining chair. Most of the night I was awake and I talked to my Heavenly Father. I thanked Him over and over for healing me, I praised Jesus for His mercy, His love, and His healing touch.

The exercises were designed to make me move those sore muscles. They were painful at first, but I kept at it and trusting Jesus they became easier to move. Sometimes, there are things that our Father wants us to know and sometimes those lessons are like those exercises, they are painful and we don't want to do them. But they are good for us and for our growth in Him.

In December, four months after I went to the rheumatoid clinic, the physical therapist said I had met all the goals and he was discharging me but to continue the exercises for a while. Shortly after that, the doctor said my blood count was normal and I did not need to return unless a problem developed. Praise the Lord, how wonderful is His love and care!!! After almost eight months, how wonderful it was to move and not hurt, to dress myself, comb the back of my hair, sit down and get up without help, and oh, how I appreciated all these little things I had always taken for granted. I give Jesus Christ all the glory and I praise God with all my heart.

It was an experience I would not want to repeat, but I learned so many things. For one, I learned to have much more compassion on those I saw struggling to walk across the street before the light changed and for those having trouble getting up and down in a chair. I learned to persevere, not to give up. I learned not to put my faith in what I saw with my eyes, but in Jesus and persevere in prayer. I learned to appreciate all the little things in life, and just how much I appreciate my husband's love and care through all this. But most of all, don't give up, no matter what anyone says. Trust in God, He is faithful.

Words of Peace and Comfort
by  A. Richardson
I arose in the morning, when the sun had dawned.
The sky was clear and blue and as clean as a soul reborn.
Yet, my heart was heavy as I turned to Thy Word.
I read Thy words, the Psalms of praise. The answer Thou hast given me.
I meditated upon these words and Thy Holy Spirit engulfed me
and filled me with peace and comfort.
You knew my heart was heavy, Lord, and you came
and gave me all that I needed to once again be whole.
I praise the God of my heart who is always there and fills my every need.
Listen my friends and He will speak to your hearts. He will heal and mend the wounds you bear. Peace and Comfort He freely gives to those who are willing to serve Him.

Let us come willingly to the altar of God, and give all that is in our hearts to the Only One who can heal, mend, and refill these hearts of ours.

Then will we dwell in the joyful love of God, our Father and truly know what peace is.

Our Assurance of Total Protection
From K. Maskey, OH
"But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter of my head." Psalm 3:3

Thou O lord, will be a shield for me when I give you the glory by coming under submission to my head.

"Even as Sarah called Abraham Lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement."  I Peter 3:6

God will be our protection as He was with Sarah. When Sarah called Abraham, Lord, God's total protection surrounded her. When we, as Sarah, call our head, Lord, complete authority in our lives, then we will do well and will not be afraid. When we come into this proper order, we come into a place of total protection.

See "Order in His Courts" by G. Kirkpatrick at

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